10 Tips on Choosing a Stem Cell Therapy Healthcare Provider

ChoosChoosing-Stem-Cell-Therapying a stem cell therapy provider is a tough choice as the advanced medical field has just started in recent years without full recognition from global medical authority. In addition, the databases of many well-known stem cell providers are inaccessible, thus limiting public awareness or understanding on the stem cell therapy. Many people can only attain information most from the internet given the stem cell industry has just gone public in recent years. Below are some important pointers to keep in mind when choosing a proper healthcare provider aboard:

  1. Do not be shy to ask. Due to the confidentiality of stem cell therapy, many healthcare providers would not simply post detailed information on their website. Try to obtain their contact information or simply make online inquiry in order to get a clearer picture of designated stem cell therapy. You can even call the official hotline if you think you are not getting enough information online or from the email.
  2. Reputation is not everything. There are few of the pioneers in stem cell therapy providers have starting the stem cell therapy years ago and with very reputable popularity. Keep in mind that stem cell therapy is an advanced treatment that constantly moving forward. Any breakthrough in stem cell therapy will not just simple being applied by the precedents as the procedure of reformation can be very costly not only to the existing medical application, but also to the dissemination of existing information.
  3. Get consultation from other experts. Stem cell therapy can be a risky bet, but always remains the last resolution for many incurable diseases. It is definitely not advised to get stem cell therapy upon impulsion. Think twice and probably getting second opinion from expert is a good way to go. However, not every doctor is a stem cell expert, most medical institution do not teach stem cell therapy technique instead of general stem cell knowledge to their medic students.
  4. Treatment aboard is not about the flight ticket or travel time. Many people do wish to receive stem cell therapy in closer countries. However, the stem cell therapy alone should be given top priority as most people will only consider giving one or two shots in receiving stem cell therapy.
  5. Quality matters. The source of stem cells has everything to do with the success rate of stem cell therapy, only qualified laboratory has the capability to procedure trustful and effective stem cells. These stem cells require a very delicate environment to survive. In addition, a high quality of stem cell therapy is not getting a bag of stem cells from the refrigerator and infuse into the patient’s body. The “expired date” is better within 12 hours, the survival rate of stem cells greatly reduced as time passes.
  6. The more the merrier? No evidence has shown that the more stem cells injected, the higher the success rate is. The amount of stem cell is measured by the BMI (Mass Body Index) and severity of one’s disease condition. Customized stem cell amount is made for the best approach on one’s condition.
  7. There are various stem cell therapies? This is not shocking news as most people already know that there are various types of stem cell, each behaves differently in treatment. The most common and firstly known stem cell that used for treatment purpose is probably hematopoietic stem cell which used in hematology field. More and more stem cells are being discovered for treatment purpose ranging from mesenchymal stem cell to recent adipose stem cell.
  8. Try to figure out what the healthcare provider specialize in. Although there are many stem cell therapy healthcare provider, each healthcare provider has a profession in a specific field. Some healthcare providers may have plenty of experiences in treating central nervous system disease yet offer stem cell therapy for endocrine system disease or otherwise.
  9. Having more than one disease or complication that requires stem cell therapy? Do not try to lie to your healthcare provider by hiding your actual health condition. Stem cell therapy may not have negative effect to your “hidden” disease or complication, but it may greatly reduce the effective rate of the therapy as each treatment plan is specifically designed for the condition being told to the healthcare provider.
  10. Cost coverage. Price is one of the major concerns of many patients. Although the price of a stem cell therapy will be provided during the inquiring process, always look out for the cost coverage and exclusive cost. Some diseases may require expensive medication upon discharged, make sure that these medications are mentioned in the treatment plan.

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