2009 Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Jack Szostak visited Beijing Relife International Medical Center

jackOn 20th March 2014, 2009 Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology and Medicine Dr. Jack Szostak has visited Beijing Relife International Medical Center.

Dr. Jack Szostak has been studying the current most advanced biomedical technology. He had worked with Elizabeth Blackburn and Carol Greider, and they found the mechanism of chromosome telomere and telomerase protection. They won the 2009 Nobel prize in physiology and medicine altogether. The research topic of Nobel Prize is ” how telomere and telomerase protect the chromosome” has a wide range of practical applications, such as the most popular topic “anti-aging -” Medical Immunology”. Dr.Zhang Qiong, president of Relife International Medical Center, together with the team has been doing a lot on application of Anti-aging. They had a deep discussion.

Dr. Zhang Qiong shared with Dr. Jack Szostak about treated diabetic cases in Relife International Medical Center, compared before and after treatment and their data, such as Emirates who has suffered from diabetes for many years, got rid of insulin after treatments in Relife International Medical Center, He lives like a healthy person. Dr. Jack Szostak is very interested in the progress of Relife International Medical Centre made in biomedicine.

Dr. Jack Szostak with rigorous style and innovative thinking is very impressive to the Relife International Medical Center team.

“2014 Nobel Prize laureate medical summit and the academician Medical Forum” has created a rare opportunity for the international medical exchange. Front – line science technology research and practical application will speed up the process of benefit for mankind .The world-class Nobel award winner will have great prospects for cooperation with Chinese research institutions, enterprises .
This news is from China Financial Net