Alzheimer’s disease (AD), or Alzheimer disease, is the most common form of dementia. AD is a disease that progresses gradually with age, and will finally cause death for the patient. It usually affects people over 65 years old.


The causes of AD are not sure at present. Hereditary factor and enviroment factor may be relevant.
1. Hereditary factor: positive AD family history is acknowledged as a risk factor for AD. Hereditary factor plays a key role in AD patients.
2. Environment factors.

Low educationa level, smoke, brain injury and a contact history of heavy metal etc can increase the possibility of getting AD.


AD usually attacks before the old age and senile stage. Symptoms differ for each individual. In the early stages, the symptoms are not apparent. It progresses gradually and usually takes 8-10 years from the mild stage to severe stage. The key symptoms for AD can be separated into ABC parts: Activities of daily living, Behavior and Cognition.

1. Activities of daily living
The patients will be more and more difficult in dealing with his daily life and work. They need help in eating, wearing and going to the toilet. They cannot deal with simple finacial issue. As the disease progresses, they could not deal with daily activities completely.

2. Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia, BPSD
BPSD includes psychological symptoms as depression, anxiety, delusion and insomnia etc, and behavioral symptoms as attack behavior, prowling, upset while siiting as well as standing, screaming etc.

3. Cognition
The first typical symptom is memory probolem, which presents with obviously impaired recent memory but no significant impairment on long-term memory.

Treatment for Alzeimer’s Disease in ReLife

At present, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Treatments are usually applied to improve or relieve symptoms, these treatments include medication (acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and NMDA receptor antagonist memantine), psychosocial intervention and caregiving. Cell-based gene therapy is a new and prosperous treatment innovated in ReLife for AD which shows positive treatment effect in AD patients.

Cell-based Gene Therapy for Alzeimer’s Disease

Gene therapy is quite effective for degenerative neurology diseases. Utilizing the molecular biology method, cell-based gene therapy implants the hepatocyte growth factor – HGF via autologous cells into the lesion area of the patient’s body. It can continuously and stably repair the lesion and improve the blood circulation in the degenerative neurological resion.

Adipose tissue is full of adipose stem cells, which have the ability to be easily cultivated in vitro and multiple differentiation capacity. It can effectively participate in the regenerative and repair procedures of lesion area. Adipose tissue is an active endocrine and paracrine organ, which secretes various cytokines and biological factors. The regular secretion of adipose tissue regulates and controls the balance of energy in body, and participating in the procedures such as anti-oxidation so as to improve the regenerative and repair function of adipose stem cells.

By taking advantage of adipose stem cell tropism, HGF with significant anti-apoptosis and anti-oxidation effect will be carried into the lesion area by adipose stem cells, enabling HGF continuously and stably effect and improve the blood circulation, as well as improve the survival rate and efficiency of adipose stem cells, which makes the treatment effect much better than single application of stem cell therapy. It plays a key role in treating AD, improving patients’ symptoms, and bringing a better quality of life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

AD belongs to dementia and dull in TCM. It is related to the imbalance of organs in body, especially the imbalance of heart, liver and kidney. The mechanism that caused AD is difficiency of the Yin energy of liver and kidney, poor nourished cardiac blood, sputum due to humid spleen and congestion and obstruction of brain channel, etc.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a green, safe and effective treatment method, which proposes treatment according to syndrome differentiation. Via acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion and natural therapy, TCM can improve the symptoms gradually. Here in ReLife, we recommend green TCM treatment with body exercise, which nips the disease in the nud, so as to promote the blood circulation and micro-circulation in the aging body, adjusting the Qi and Blood, nourishing the organs.


AD is a hard task in medical area in both the old times and nowadays. The unique combination treatment of advanced gene therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine for AD in ReLife International Medical Center has smooth, effective and continuous treatment effects with much less pain feeling during. It improves the general body condition of patient and micro-circulation, adjusting the balance of energy, effectively improving the degenerative status of nerves, relieving symptoms such as cognition and psychologicol symptoms, so as to bring every patient a higher quality of life

Disclaimer:  Please note the results will differ due to each patient’s unique condition. Please submit your medical files to obtain a professional consultation with us.