Aging is an accumulation of changes in a person over time. It refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social change.


1. Over-oxidation: over-oxidation causes rapid growth of tumors, as well as inflammation and age spots, etc.

2. Cell life span: commonly seen causes are dangers from ionizing radiation and radioactive rays.

3. Aging is a general presentation of the whole body’s aging: aging is regulated and controlled by the centralnervous system.

4. The aging of protein: the possible approaches are defects in the synthesis of proteins, ageing of the nucleoprotein, synthesis disorders of protein due to gene abnormalities, which further lead to signs of ageing.

5. Decreasing function of endocrine system: the decreasing of sexual gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland and pituitary gland can rapidly induce the aging of the human body.

6. Obstruction of microcirculation

7. Loss of hormones


Ageing has three stages:

Stage I Light degree of ageing, at the age of 25-35

Symptoms may be present as lack of energy, easily getting tired, decreased memory, easily catching a cold, poor appetite, no lightness of skin, skin spots, decreased immunity, and mild wrinkles.

Stage II Moderate degree of ageing, at the age of 35-45

Symptoms may be present as fluctuations of mood, becoming easily upset, insomnia, decreased memory and sexual desire, irregular menstruation, shrunken breasts, severe skin spots, dry skin, decreased elasticity, enlarged pores, and moderate wrinkles.

Stage III Severe degree of ageing, at the age of 45-55

Human body enters the period of rapid aging, all the body parts become aged. Various diseases may attack the body at this stage. When menstruation stops at around age 45, women will suffer from decreased secretion of female hormone due to the atrophy of ovaries, and more evident wrinkles, mastoptosis. They are prone to becoming fat, and easily feeling anxiety and depression in psychology.

Treatment for Anti-aging at ReLife

People have tried for a long time to find treatment for anti-aging, including medication, Retinoids, Lasers, Chemical peels, Dermabrasion, Botox, Fillers, Cosmetic surgery. Stem cell transplantation is also a newly applied treatment for anti-aging.

Here at ReLife, we offer comprehensive and effective treatment options for anti-aging, including cell-based gene treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Stem Cell Transplantation for Anti-aging

Utilizing the molecular biology method, stem cell transplantation is an innovative treatment method that implants the hepatocyte growth factor – HGF via mesenchymal stem cells into the patient’s body. By targeting the aging tissues and organs, it continuously and stably repairs the aging region, promoting the growth of epithelian cells. Besides this, it can also significantly regulate as well as control the growth and differentiation of multiple tissues and cells.
ReLife apply allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from umbilical cord tissue in addressing anti-aging. MSCs have a great capacity for self-renewal while maintaining their multipotency. Numerous studies have demonstrated that human MSCs avoid allorecognition, interfere with dendritic cell and T-cell function, and generate a local immunosuppressive microenvironment by secreting cytokines.
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of research into the mechanism for aging. The main aging theories of TCM are aging caused by the weakness of kidney, aging caused by weakness of both the spleen and stomach, and aging caused by the obstruction in Qi and extravasated blood, etc.

According to the theory of the Yellow Emperor or Huangdi Neijing, whether a human is aging and his/her aging speed depend on the kidney qi. The human body is regarded as a self-organized system in TCM theory. When people enter into the senile stage, the self-organizing capacity decreases, which levels up the possibility of getting all kinds of diseases. The occurrence and development of every disease will further impair the human body’s self-organizing capacity, accelerating the aging procedure.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an eco-friendly, safe and effective treatment method. Via acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion and natural therapy, TCM can activate the positive Qi in human body, increase the blood circulation as well as micro-circulation in the aged body, regulate the Qi and blood, nourish the organs, so as to make the face become pink, smooth, light and healthy, enabling the body to become young again and feel regenerated.


Anti-aging is a hard nut to crack in the medical area currently; however, the unique combined treatment of advanced stem cell transplantation and traditional Chinese Medicine for anti-aging at ReLife International Medical Center has effective and continuous treatment effects, with much less pain during the whole treatment procedure. It can improve the human body’s overall condition, quickly balance the endocrine system and regulate the energy balance in the human body, thereby strengthening the immunity system, improving the aging condition, and keeping the body young and energetic and feeling regenerated.