Are Adipose Derived Stem Cell Products Better for Anti-Aging than traditional Skin Care Products?

In today’s fast-paced world of scientific breakthroughs and technologies, there have been many companies jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to anti-aging skin care. One of the most advanced technologies being used today are products formulated from adipose-derived stem cell growth factors.
If you were to look at the array of stem cell based skin care products on the market, you’d quickly become confused and overwhelmed because they all hold the promise of the “Fountain of Youth.” Each of the “stem cell” products currently available contains a different type of stem cell line: animal, plant, or human stem cells (usually derived from foreskin fibroblasts).

But which of these types of stem cells is truly effective in producing real, long term, definitive, results? The proofis in the clinical results.

What Are Stem Cells?
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells. This means that they have the invaluable properties of self-renewal and differentiation. Cellular differentiation is the process by which a less specialized cell becomes a more specialized cell type. When you harvest adipose derived stem cells (found in your body fat), they can become virtually any type of cell and serve a myriad of anti-aging, body enhancement, or healing purposes for an individual.
But what about the effects adult stem cell growth factors have on ones’ own skin? In numerous studies, growth factors (cytokines) secreted by the stem cells have been shown to have the following effects:


Skin lightening
Other studies have shown the injection of these cytokines significantly increases collagen synthesis and dermal thickness. In addition, the procollagen type I protein and mRNA expression increased, results in increased dermal collagen density (better skin texture and appearance). These growth factors help regenerate the tissue where they are injected, they repair damaged or lost stem cells, thus regenerating the functionality and strength of the tissue.
The anti-aging and skin-repairing effects of adipose derived stem cell cytokines are far greater than that of any other type of stem cell derivative found in all other skin care products (animal or plant). So why would you waste your time on products that promise the “Fountain of Youth” but, don’t have the results to back up their claims?
Introducing, Personal Cell Sciences, U Autologous, a revolutionary, world’s first personalized, anti-aging skin care product line. Using your adipose derived stem cells (harvested at your plastic surgeon’s office via a mini-liposuction procedure), your unique stem cells are processed from your fat tissue and the growth factors are extracted, helping repair and rejuvenate the appearance of sun-damaged or aging skin.
Each month, you are sent a fresh batch of personalized skin care product, made just for you, with our proprietary blend of clinically-proven ingredients and Personal Cell Sciences’ Autokine-CM (individualized from your own stem cell growth factors, making it specific to your own needs and requirements for optimal skin health). It’s skin care that goes beyond a skin type and into the make-up of who you are at a cellular level.
But there is so much more to U Autologous then having beautiful looking skin. During the initial process at your physician’s office you also have the opportunity to store any extra harvested fat for future cosmetic enhancements using our ATGRAFT™ fat storage service.

A Few More Uses for your Stored Fat

• Permanent lip augmentation
• Buttock augmentation
• Natural breast augmentation
• Correcting breast asymmetry
• Facial enhancement
• Breast reconstruction
• Hand rejuvenation
• Regenerative medicine (your fat contains Adult Regenerative Cells)

How Can We Help You?

Today is the youngest your cells will ever be, don’t wait until tomorrow. Call us to find a Board Certified, qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon in your area that will perform a mini-lipo for your U Autologous skin care suite or your ATGRAFT™ fat storage.

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Are Adipose Derived Stem Cell Products Better for Anti-Aging than traditional Skin Care Products?

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