Cell-based Gene Approach for Diabetic Foot, Mrs. Liu from China

Name: Mrs. Liu
Age: 63
Gender: Female
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Diabetic Foot (Grade II)
Therapy: Cell-based Gene Therapy (Adipose-derived stem cell and HGF)

Conditions before Cell-based Gene Therapy for Diabetic Foot

Mrs. Liu is a 63 years old patient from China. She was diagnosed with diabetic foot 8 years ago. She started to experience cold and numb feelings in her feet 3 years ago and was later diagnosed as diabetic foot at a local hospital. She was then prescribed with Acarbose to control her blood glucose. Her random blood glucose was controlled at around 13 mmol/L. Six months before hospitalization, her condition deteriorated. The cold and numb feeling in her feet became worse and she got heavy feeling with her legs while walking. Swelling and purple color were noted with her lower limbs.
When admitted, color doppler ultrasound examination of arteries in lower limbs revealed a formation of multiple plaques in the arteries of bilateral lower limbs and formation of collateral circulation post the obstruction of the lower section of left posterior tibial artery. Color doppler ultrasound examination of veins in lower limbs revealed light degree of backflow of right femoral vein valve and dilation of left posterior tibial vein. She was further diagnosed with Diabetic Foot, Grade II.

Therapy and Procedure

Cell-based Gene Therapy, TCM (Herbal medicine and Acupuncture) and Medications for repairing the blood vessels and nourishing the nerves.

Conditions after Cell-based Gene Therapy for Diabetic Foot

Ten days after cell-based gene therapy for diabetic foot, Mrs. Liu said the numb and cold feelings were relieved significantly. The purple color of her feet recovered to normal after one session of cell-based gene therapy. The numbness and cold feeling improved a lot and the swelling disappeared.

Due to the great improvements she received, Mrs. Liu continued another session of cell-based gene therapy for her diabetic foot. The numb and cold feelings disappeared completely after the treatment, and her random blood glucose have improved too, with a level of 9-11mmol/L.