Cell-based Gene Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease, Mr. Xu from China

Name: Mr. Xu
Age: 75
Gender: Male
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Alzheimer’s Disease
Therapy: Cell-based Gene Therapy (HGF and adipose-derived stem cells)

Conditions before Cell-based Gene Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

Mr. Xu is a 75 years old patient from China. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease about 10 years ago. His family was very worried and tried all kinds of medication for him with only minor effects. As time passed, Mr. Xu’s symptoms became worse. Symptoms included being unable to recognize family and friends, having difficulty in normal communication, losing track of time and direction, he could not control his urination as well as defecation and would defecate anywhere. Due to the inability for self-control, his family had to hire a nurse to take care of him. Mr. Xu often showed a bad temper because he couldn’t express his feelings and needs to others, this is a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Mr. Xu also required people to be around him constantly.

Therapy and Procedure

Cell-based gene therapy (HGF and adipose-derived stem cells): 4 intravenous injections

Conditions after Cell-based Gene Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

Three weeks after Mr. Xu received cell-based gene therapy, the most significant change is that he is able to go to toilet for defecation. He can almost recognize his families and friends. Although Mr. Xu still needs a nurse to take care most of his daily needs, he can express his needs and feelings more clearly to others. Five months later, his family wrote to us in the letter:” We are really thankful for cell-based gene therapy, he is now able to dress by himself. Last week, he had a friend visited him and he was able to welcome him and even pour some tea. He is now able to recognize his own grandson, we hope that he will continue to get better.”