Cell-based Gene Approach for Anti-Aging, Mr. Sun from China

Name: Mr. Sun
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Nationality: China
Approach: Cell-based Gene therapy (HGF and adipose-derived stem cells)

Conditions before Cell-based Gene Transplantation for Anti-aging

Mr. Sun, a 33-year-old male from China, was a businessman who experienced quite an unhealthy lifestyle in the past.

As he was busy with his business, he always stayed up all night, ate improperly, and was engaged in social activities nearly every day. As a result, he was suffering poor energy, decreasing memory and easily being drunk due to the declining alcoholic metabolism ability (he would be drunk after two cups of beer). Besides, his response also became slow. Such a poor life quality made him looked older than his age and less energetic in his daily life.

Considering his poor health condition, Mr. Sun and his wife began to seek for an effective medical solution in order to improve his general condition.

Approach and Procedure

Cell-based Gene Therapy (HGF and adipose-derived stem cells): 3 Intravenous Injections

Conditions after Cell-based Gene Transplantation for Anti-aging

One month after the cell-based gene therapy, follow up with Mr. Sun showed positive results. He told us that not only himself, but also his business friends found he changed a lot in his appearance and the general feeling. He looked younger than his condition before gene therapy, with better skin condition. His skin was smoother with healthier color. He was energetic in dealing with daily issues, with improved response ability, although he didn’t change his lifestyle. However, he was trying to make some changes in order to coordinate the gene therapy to achieve best treatment result.

Mr. Sun received a second circle of gene therapy for anti-aging three months after his discharge as the previous treatment has shown satisfying result.

Disclaimer: Please note the results will differ due to each patient’s unique condition. Please submit your medical files to obtain a professional consultation with us.