Approach for Infertility, Mr. Shen from China

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Name: Mr. Shen
Age: 38 year-old
Gender: Male
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Varicocele, Oligozoospermia and Asthenozoospermia

Condition before  Therapy for Infertility

Mr. Shen is a patient from China with Varicocele, Oligozoospermia (semen with a low concentration of sperm) and Asthenozoospermia. He was unable to have a child after a 5 years marriage. He often felt tired, pain on the waist, weak knees, dizziness, tinnitus and low sexual desire.

Upon his admission, Mr. Shen was given semen analysis. Mr. Shen sperm count was 8.8 million/ml, with 18% Grade A sperm and PH value of 7.5. He was also suffered from prostatitis and varicocele. Mr. Shen was later diagnosed as infertility.

Approach and Procedure

Condition after  Therapy for Infertility

One month after receiving our gene therapy, Mr. Shen felt more energetic. Conditions such as pain on the waist and weak knees got improved gradually. Recheck of sperm analysis three months post-discharge showed: 49.9% sperm motility rate. The percentage of Grade A motility is improved to 9.42% and Grade B motility is 13.11%.

Five months after discharge, Mr. Shen’s overall condition has improved. Sperm analysis recovers to normal.