Cell-based Gene Therapy for Premature Ovarian Failure, Mrs. Su from China

Age: 31
Gender: Female
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Premature Ovarian Failure
Therapy: Cell-based Gene Therapy and TCM

Conditions before Cell-based Gene Therapy for Premature Ovarian Failure

Mrs. Su was a 31 years old patient from China. She was happily married for two years without being pregnant. Mrs. Su felt desperate when she was diagnosed as premature ovarian failure during her routine fertility checkup at a local clinic. She had experienced irregular menstruation for over six months before her routine checkup. She had insomnia and night sweat frequently.
Mrs. Su’s B-ultrasound scan revealed small mature follicle with a size of 15mm (normal scale18mm ~ 25mm). Her estrogen level was lower than 26pg/ml. Her progesterone level was undetectable, which was lower than 3nmol/L after ovulation. Her Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) level was 57 IU/L. She was advised to undergo hormone therapy but she gave up due to her family history of ovarian cancer.

Therapy and Procedure

Cell-based gene therapy (HGF and adipose-derived stem cell): 4 IV injection, and TCM (Acupuncture, cupping, blossom flower needle, herbal medicine and etc)

Conditions after Cell-based Gene Therapy for Premature Ovarian Failure

One month after Mrs. Su received cell-based gene therapy, her overall condition improved. Although she still experienced insomnia occasionally, but her night sweat condition disappeared.

Follow Up

Two months after the therapy, Mrs. Su underwent a B-ultrasound scan which showed that her follicle’s size was bigger than before, with a size of 18mm. Her overall hormone test recovered to a balance scale. Her estrogen level was around 49pg/ml. What’s more, she had a positive result in her HCG test and she was pregnant. She had never been so thrilled before.