Chinese Herbal Sachet Therapy

yaotuoChinese Herbal Sachet Therapy is a simple, natural and effective traditional Chinese treatment method. By combining the warm moxibustion, fire therapy and hot stone therapy together, the heated herbal sachet will secrete the essence of Chinese herbal medicine, permeating directly into the skin and muscles, so as to smoothen the
muscles and tissues in our body, making our joints more flexible. It can also be applied to relieve the pain feeling of our muscles, besides improving blood circulation and immune ability.

The exact application of Chinese herbal sachet therapy is to place the heated herbal sachet on patient’s lesion region, certain acupoints or move it along with the channels of our body. It can stimulate the extension of the capillary in the relevant region, accelerate the blood circulation and relax the muscles, thereby functioning as anti-inflammation, eliminating swelling, dissipating coldness and dampness within our body, relieving the pain as well as dispelling the tiredness.

The Chinese herbal sachet therapy is mainly applied in the treatments for

  • Cervical spondylosis, osteoarthropathy, scapulohumeral periarthritis, myofascitis of the back region and sports injury at the knee and ankle joints, etc.
  •  Body stiffness, soreness of waist and knee as well as sore movements caused by wind-cold-wetness attack.
  •  Irregular menstruation, painful menstruation, pain of hyperplasia of mammary glands and endocrine imbalance caused by obstruction of channels, Qi flow and blood circulation;
  •  Headache and dizziness, insomnia, and stress caused by neurological conditions.