What are the Diabetes Complications?

Diabetes mellitus, or simply diabetes, is a common disease. It’s not because people eat too much sugar, candy or whatever. It’s an autoimmune disease where the pancreas stops producing insulin or produces too little. Diabetes isn’t terrible but the complications are. It can cause a variety of complications. The more serious the condition of diabetes is, the higher the risk of complications is. Possible complications of diabetes include:

1. Cardiovascular disease is the major cause of death in patients with diabetes, especially in type 2 diabetes patients. They feel fast heartbeat while resting. Sometimes the heart rate can be up to 130 beats per minute. Others feel nausea, vomiting and irregular heartbeat. Diabetic heart disease is related to atherosclerosis closely.

2. Diabetic kidney disease (nephropathy) is one of the most serious complications of diabetes. Statistics show that patients with diabetes for 10~20 years, regardless of age, about 50 percent get renal lesion. If they don’t receive treatment timely, renal lesion will develop into renal/kidney function failure.

3. Diabetic eye disease (ophthalmopathy) includes retinopathy, cataract, volatility ametropia, open-angle glaucoma and so on. The more serious the condition of diabetes is, the higher the risk of disease is. Eventually it may lead to blindness.

4. Diabetic foot disease is lower limbs infections, ulcers and/ deep tissue destruction. If not treated properly, diabetic foot will develop into gangrene, which may require amputation finally. Because of the limitation of movement function, diabetic foot will influence the quality of patients’ life severely.

As described above, diabetes causes cardiovascular disease, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic ophthalmopathy, diabetic foot etc. The pathological basis of all the diseases is vascular lesion. Vascular regeneration and reconstruction are the optimal treatments for the vascular lesion currently. In ReLife International Medical Center, we provide adipose-derived stem cell therapy with gene therapy to make the vascular regenerate, which has shown effects in improving the symptoms of diabetes complications.