Diabetes: Fruits for Diabetes?

WFruits-and-Vegetableshat kind of fruits are for diabetes? Most of people with diabetes are afraid to take any fruits due to their sweetness. Fruit and vegetables are important components of our diet. Diabetic patient also need to be very careful of how and which fruit should be eaten.


The sweetness of the fruit are due to the content of sugar, glucose and saccharine etc. Fruits contain three vital elements: vitamin, inorganic salt and dietary fiber which is good for maintaining health. However, how do we know which fruit can diabetic patient have. What fruits are suitable for diabetic patient? The most important thing is to choose the right time and eat the proper fruit. Diabetic patients still can enjoy some fruit by following the four principles.

Firstly, before you take any fruit, there is one thing you need do is take a blood glucose test. If your blood glucose level is below maximum level, fasting blood glucose is under 140mg/dl, HbA1c is well controlled lower than 7.5%. There is no sign presenting high blood sugar or hypoglycemia. It is ok to have some fruits. Otherwise, it is advised to take some cucumber or tomato to subsidize the fruit.

Secondly, time for fruit: you need to include fruit as part of your meal plan, for example, it is best to have some fruits between two meals (for example, 10 am in the morning or 3pm in the afternoon.) and 1 hour before going to bed. It will avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrate thus causing pancreas burden, thus, we do not suggest eating fruit immediately before or after proper meal.

Thirdly, amount of fruit: according to the report of how fruit effects our blood glucose, if people have more than 200g fruit daily (The quantity of heat of 90 kilocalories), they should decrease 25g m of food from main course. It is called “food equivalent exchange”

Fourth, every fruit contains between 6% to 20% carbohydrate so as you need to include it as part of your meal plan. As for diabetic patient, it is better choosing with low calories and long lasting digestive fruit. However, people with diabetes may respond to the fruit differently due to their sensitivity of fruit sugar. The best suggestion is choosing the right fruit carefully based on personal experience. Generally, kiwi and strawberry contains low sugar level which is suitable for diabetic patients. However, we do not suggest banana, red dates, litchi, orange, and grapes as they contained rather higher sugar level.

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