Diabetes Precaution and Management

Diabetes mellitus is a disease affecting body’s ability to produce insulin. As we know, excessive blood sugar in diabetes patient’s body can causes serious complications including diabetic foot, diabetic retinopathy, hypoglycemia and etc. It is very important to know how to manage diabetes and avoid diabetes complications. There are three major ways to control diabetes including diet management, physical activity and application of medications/Insulin. The purpose of diabetes management is to control blood sugar level within a stable range. Diabetes precaution plays an important role in treatment as well.

Managing diabetes can be stressful due to some strict schedule, but it is definitely reachable if you can follow the listed rules below. First, change your life style and eating habit. Do not forget to do more exercise as it will help the body to convert the blood sugar into energy, thus lowering the blood glucose level.


People with diabetes are highly recommended to do exercise as a part of diabetes management. The exercise plan depends on each patient’s situation. Proper physical consumption would lower blood glucose in our blood. Evidence has shown that exercise is even more beneficial in avoiding diabetes. A regular exercise program can produce positive changes in the lipid profile. However, there are some precautions should be taken while exercising. Firstly, beware of hypoglycemia during exercise. Take blood sugar test before and after exercise is a good way to know how much our body consume blood sugar. Secondly, keep diabetes precaution in minds and safety measures while exercising.


Diet plays an important role in controlling diabetes. Thus, developing a diabetes meal plan with guidance from your doctor is very important to control blood sugar. Choose the right food to eat. You can find more information by clicking “diabetic diet.”


People with diabetes need to keep their medication on regular basis. Regular administration of medication or insulin can help blood sugar under stable control.

What’ more, precaution is a vital part in diabetes management. People with diabetes usually suffered from sensory problem in their feet. Injuries caused by sensational numbness of their foot are hardly noticeable. Thus, inspecting your feet after washing is critical to identify any injury.

Self-treating calluses or bunions at home are not recommended. They are highly advised to visit a podiatrist for toenail and other foot treatments. However, apply lotion to moisturize your feet are recommended especially during dry weather.

Management of diabetes can be easy if you follow the instructions above.ReLife International Medical Center provides comprehensive stem cell therapy, gene therapy and TCM treatment for diabetes and diabetic foot.
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