Diabetic Patient Do not Exercise in the Morning

exercise11Exercise is a good way for managing diabetes by maintaining stable blood glucose. By combining diet, exercise and medication, blood sugar level can be controlled well.
Regular exercise can help keeping a stable blood sugar in order to avoid diabetic complication. However, some people would choose exercise in the morning for the fresh air. However, the best time to exercise is afternoon or at nightfall.


The temperature is usually lower in the morning. It will increase our body’s nervous system. However, for diabetic patient with complications of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cold air or exhaustion may easily cause stroke attack. In additional, exercising with an empty stomachs may face higher risk of hypoglycemia even coma. Keeping calm motion and avoid excessive activity are necessary for diabetic people with empty stomach.

Air pollution may be more serious in the early morning, especially during the foggy weather. Air particles with the diameter smaller than 10 micrometers are more likely floating at lower ground. It is advised for outdoor activity after the sunrise as the air particles will flow to higher ground due to the heated ground surface by sunlight.

Night time is not suitable for outdoor exercise as plant produce less oxygen at night which is not good for body’s metabolism.

Therefore, for diabetic patient, exercise is better to do in the afternoon.

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