Dolphin Assisted Therapy for Autism


He is from Nigeria, with an interesting name Wall-E, the same as the solar-powered robots in the movie. He is 38 years old, suffered from autism when he was three, with a young-looking face like 18 years old, yet the intelligence equals to 8 years old. Every time when we look at him, our heart is broken to pieces.

Apart from applying the latest western therapy combined with the traditional Chinese medicine, ReLife’s doctor and staff seek every possible way to help this lovely “kid”, yes we like to call him “kid”, to understand, to touch, to feel the kindness of this world has to offer.

002zgnp9gy6jpezh3ebb9690_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%acWe discover that some research suggests that Dolphin Assisted Therapy or DAT is a therapy used to improve speech and motor skills in people with physical and/or emotional problems. It was first used to treat depression, but is now also used for children with learning disabilities, speech impediments, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other developmental issues.

This wonderful news light up our hope on caring for this kid, ReLife’s staff decides to take Wall-E to the Beijing Aquarium to enjoy a dolphin show. Both Wall-E’s brothers are very interested because they have never seen dolphins creature in their life far away from African country. Wall-E does not know where we are taking him to but he seems to be happy.


During the time of the show, Wall-E’s brother tells us, “Wall-E shows longer concentration on this show than any other things he ever looked and I think he really enjoys it.” Wall-E brother is very appreciative with what we have done for them. He says, “If the dolphin can be trained so well, I believe Wall-E can too. There must be a way out; we just have to keep digging.”