Educational Tips for Diabetes

Diabetic patients should pay more attention to their diet and exercise. It needs more patience when taking care of them. The following situations are some common problems about diabetes. Let’s share some tips about the diabetic health education.

Situation 1: A woman of 50-year-old who doubted she has diabetes. She wants some counseling or advises.
Firstly, identify the sign of diabetes for this woman. If some sign of diabetes appeared, it is better to ask her check the level of her blood glucose.

Situation 2: A 45-year-old man was recently diagnosed with diabetes and he did not know how to adjust his diet.
Diabetic diet should be specifically designed based on the diabetes condition. Generally, it is highly recommended to eat plenty of vegetables because they are rich in fiber and low in fat which is beneficial for the diabetic patients to control the blood glucose. Fruits are also recommended, but it is stressed that fat and sugar intake should be limited.

Situation 3: An obese woman with diabetes wants to lose weight.
Study shows that brisk walking for 30-50mins daily or 3-5 times weekly is very helpful for losing weight. Keep regular exercises and bring some cookies or candies in the pocket to avoid the hypoglycemia syndrome when going for a walk.

Situation 4: A man was suffering from diabetes for a long time, but he did not know how to take care of his feet.
As we all know, diabetic foot is one of the most serious complications of diabetes. So for people with diabetic foot should remember to wash their feet using the warm water and make sure that only wear comfortable shoes, cotton socks is highly recommended. Do not over-cut the nail and do not bare-walk which can easily hurt your feet.

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