Five TCM Advices on How to Improve Male Fertility!

tcmAs we know, the fertility rate of male is contributed by sperm quality. Over the years, environmental pollution and bad lifestyle habits have caused deterioration in sperm quality and motility, raising infertility rate in male. How to solve the male infertility problem? Here the TCM specialist Dr. Cher of ReLife International Medical Center will share five easy but useful pieces of advice from TCM aspect to help increase male fertility ability.

1. Zinc

You have probably heard of sperm contains a rich amount zinc. Insufficient amount of zinc can result in slow metabolism and low motility of sperm. Consumption of zinc could can increase metabolism and boost sperm motility. Food with rich zinc are oyster, shrimp, clam, shellfish, walnut, dairy products, bean, wheat bran and lotus nut. Among these foods, oyster contains the most zinc. Increase the intake of oyster can benefit the metabolism of nucleic and protein of sperm, thereby improve male’s sexual ability and maintain good sperm quality.

2. Calcium

Calcium plays an important role when it comes to sperm motility. Deficiency in calcium cause inadequate production of acrosomal protease, which is essential for sperm motility. Men should consume food with high calcium like milk, bean, fish, rib, shrimp bran, mushroom, almond and raisin.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is proved to be beneficial for heart; it helps regulate the cardiac movements, reduce blood pressure, avoid  heart disease and most importantly increase male fertility. A healthy breakfast recommended for male is two bowl of oatmeal with milk, flavored with banana. Magnesium is relatively abundant in soybean, potato, walnut, oatmeal, spaghetti, leafy vegetable and marine products.

4. L Arginine

L Arginine is known to certain chemical balances, helps our body to manufacture creatine and build body mass. Plus, it is known to be consisted in a high amount on sperm’s head. Men can obtain L Arginine in sea cucumber, eel, mudfish, cuttlefish, sesame, Chinese yam, gingko, bean curd shin, frozen bean curd, peanut, sunflower seed, hazelnut and etc. Sea cucumber is also known to nourish kidney and treat impotent.

5. Fructose

Sperm motility is known to be relevant with fructose level in seminal vesicles. Low fructose level can cause sperm death. Fructose is abundant in honey and various fruits, such as apple, pear and sweet oranges. According the inherited knowledge of TCM, food such as river prawn, peacock meat, beef, walnut, garlic chives and goji (wolfberry) can increase male’s sexual desire and fertility.