Five Top Facts about Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy also known as regenerative therapy, is one of the most advanced treatment methods applied in medical field in modern days. Despite stem cell has a lot debatable issues, it has a promising potential in treating various kind of diseases. Many types of stem cell therapy are put into application throughout global.

The big question remains on how stem cell actually works. The theory is actually really simple. Once our body is invaded by a disease, our tissue will be damaged and cause malfunction of the certain body part. This malfunction will eventually affect our whole body as our body has to function comprehensively in order to stay healthy. By implanting stem cell into our body, the stem cell will eventually repair or replace the damaged part, allowing it to function normally again, thus bringing full recovery to the whole body.

There are some points to keep in mind about stem cell therapy:

There are various types of stem cell with each carries its own function. Each type of stem cell regenerates in a specific way and will eventually become a functional cell to fulfill its own purpose. Common stem cells used in medical treatment are umbilical stem cell, mesenchymal stem cell, neural stem cell and etc.

Different stem cell therapy is used for different disease. Stem cell therapy is not a universal treatment method. Stem cell treatment is only applied for certain diseases. The most common diseases that applied with stem cell therapy are usually diabetes, premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovarian disease, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injury and etc. Be sure to ask your medical provider to determine which stem cell should be used in your treatment for your best interest. However, stem cell therapy is constantly improving for treating many more diseases.

Stem cell needs a very delicate and healthy environment to survive. Stem cell is like a “baby cell” which requires being carefully cultivated in a very delicate environment. Therefore, individual’s health condition is a major concern when it comes to stem cell therapy, if the receiver has infectious or immune related diseases, the stem cell therapy may show only minor effect or none effect at all. Therefore, before receiving stem cell therapy, a thorough physical and health examination should be given to evaluate the individual’s general condition.

Stem cell therapy need to be operated by professionals. Although stem cell therapy is conducted using injection approach and the process is simple, it does not mean everyone can operate it. Stem cell therapy is definitely not a home remedy. Usually the injection is conducted as soon as the stem cell is completely cultivated to ensure the survival rate of stem cell after it is injected. The healthier the stem cell is, the more effective the treatment will result.

There is no oral stem cell medication. Stem cell is not an oral medication. It is a live cell that needs a very strict condition to survive. If a stem cell is to be consumed orally, the gastric acid will definitely kill the stem cell. Any cosmetic product that applies stem cells is probably selling the concept of stem cell instead of applying actual stem cells into the product.

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