Four Most Well Known Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is one of the oldest orient treatment methods being applied widely in China. During the cupping therapy, a partial vacuum will be created in the cups before putting them on the specific skin area to create a suction force; the vacuum can be created either by heat (fire cupping) or air-pump like equipment (dry cupping). Usually the suction will continue from 8 to 10 minutes while the receiver relaxes.

There are four main benefits of cupping therapy:

1. To promote better organs’ functions. It is believed that each acupoint is connected to a specific organ and by stimulating the acupoint will eventually stimulate the function of the organ at the same time. By using cupping therapy, pressure will be created on the acupoint where the cupping is applied; the pressure will lead to the increase of blood flow through the acupoints accordingly and our organ will respond to the stimulation, thus function better.

2. To smoothen the flow of Qi and bring balance to our body. In TCM perspective, imbalance of Qi will cause many complications such as headache, stomachache, poor appetite, menstrual pain and etc. The cause of Qi imbalance can be various and few of the main reasons may be resulted by the blocking of meridian due to the existence of evil wind within our body or the absence of kidney essence. Cupping therapy can unblock the meridian by extracting the evil wind from our body, smoothing the flow of Qi within our body.

3. Enhance the precision of medical diagnosis. As the cupping therapy can be applied on many various acupoints, each acupoint will show different effect upon stimulation. Therefore, by observing the changes after the cupping therapy, an experience TCM doctor can tell a more accurate diagnosis.

4. Weight loss. By applying cupping therapy, the metabolism of our body will increase, thus more fat will be burned and achieve the purpose of weight loss. Cupping therapy is becoming more and more popular in western countries in recent years as well as acupuncture for weight loss purpose.

In modern TCM, there are several kinds of cupping material being applied. For example, bamboo cupping, wood cupping, glass cupping or even ceramic cupping. Some TCM doctors may even use Chinese medicine soaked cups for treatment purpose. Kindly consult your TCM doctor for the most suitable cupping for your condition.

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