What fruit and Vegetables that can Protect us from Cancer?

Fresh fruit and vegetables contain protective micronutrients and photochemical. A study showed that eats plenty of fruit and vegetables may help to lower your risk of developing cancer. Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is one of the most recommended ways for a healthy diet.


Fruit: orange, apple, kiwi, lemon, grapes, strawberry, pineapple and other fruit

Orange and apple contain a rich source of Carotenoids, Flavonoids, Vitamin C and other anti-cancer substances. It is known that apple contains high antioxidant substance called flavonoid, it not only clean up the blood stream for better blood circulation but also beneficial for cancer. Several studies found that people who eat more fruits have 46% lower risk of getting cancer compares to those whom have less fruits. Apple also is known as the guardian angel of cardiovascular. A famous saying of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

As we all know that high level of sodium in the blood is the main cause of stroke and hypertension. However, potassium can reduce the excessive sodium in the body thus lowing the risk of  hypertension. Apple is also good for zinc deficiency syndrome and endemic cretinism. Apple is rich in iron, which can reduce the risk of anemia. It is also good for keeping the blood sugar level within a normal range.

Red wines contain antioxidant substances which can be benefit in fighting cancer cells. It contains at least 25 different nutrition which can reduce the rate of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Regularly drink a glass of wines help better sleeps of elderly people with sleeping trouble and in a poor health condition.

Solanum Vegetables: tomato, potato, sweet potato and sugar beet.

Tomato: Tomato contains rich amount of Lycopene which combine with can combine with health fat and can be easily absorbed by the body, particular in its variety of metabolic function.

People who high consumption of tomato can decrease the rate of prostatic cancer. The evidence also showed that low lycopene is often relevant with cervix cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and other chronic disease. Specialist suggests that one or two tomatoes a day is good to our health.

Generally, fruits and vegetables contains vitamins and antioxidant substances can help to stabilize our body’s metabolism, so the key to health is to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables.

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