Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is a kind of therapy that uses DNA as an agent to treat disease. By carrying the targeted gene via autologous cells into patient’s body with a molecular biology approach, which focuses on lesion tissue, gene therapy can continuously and stably repair the lesion tissue, eliminating the internal factors that induced the disease, therefore curing the disease completely.

Here in ReLife International Medical Center, we apply hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) in our gene therapy, which is in the leading medical field in treating many difficult conditions, especially anti-aging, reproductive diseases and ischemic disorders. We aim to help more and more people get rid of the troublesome conditions which do not have a cure at present with our advanced state-of-the-art medical technology.

HGF is a kind of multi-potent growth factor with wide ranging functions, it can promote the growth of endothelial cells. HGF has a significant regulation ability on the growth and differentiation of many tissues and cells. Meanwhile, it can protect and repair endothelial cells, promote revascularization, improve cardiac function and promote the synthesis of DNA in cells. The main physiology functions of HGF are motivating the regenerative function of liver, promote cell division and cell movement and tumor necrosis, etc.

Numerous research has shown the significance of anti-apoptosis and anti-oxidation functions of HGF, which are quite useful in anti-aging treatments, as well as treating reproductive disorders, ischemic conditions and heart disease.


  • Collect and purify adipose cells from patient’s own adipose tissue via liposuction;
  • Modify the adipose cells with HGF;
  • Inject modified adipose cells into lesion area;
  • Combine with some supportive and symptomatic treatments.

Injected approaches

  • IV injection
  • Local injection
  • Interventional injection

Possible treatment effects

  • Promote angiogenesis in lesion region and form collateral circulation so as to improve the blood circulation in lesion region and organs
  • Repair the lesion tissue and organs
  • Improve the survival rate of autologous cells injected, which enables the cells effects for a longer period of time and therefore better treatment results
  • Improve the repairing ability and effect of modified adipose cells on lesion region and organs
  • Relieve symptoms;
  • Improve patient’s general condition and his/her immune system


  • Better treatment effects
  • Safer
  • Less painful
  • Easy application
  • Shorter treatment period

Possible side effects

Fever, infection, bleeding, toxicity etc are rare but possible during the procedure. However, we have counter measures to minimize the side effects.

Treatment time and cost

The treatment time and cost will vary according to each patient’s condition. Usually a treatment period will be around 2 weeks.

Dr. Zhang


With decades of devotion to the internal medicine field at a state-established hospital, Dr. Zhang specializes in clinical research of Infertility, Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, breast disease, hepatic disorders in the late stage, malignant tumors etc. With integration of the latest international treatment techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr.Zhang has successfully treated many rare disorders. Dr.Zhang has participated in many important medical academic forums and received two awards for her excellent work, including one second-honor award and one third-honor award. Besides medical science recognition, her academic achievements also include her many published medical dissertations. Currently, Dr. Zhang is also a Guest Lecturer of “National Public Nutritionists Training” program as invited by Peking University.




Language: Mandarin, English
Department: Internal Medicine
Expertise: specializes in internal medicine, especially the diagnosis and treatment for Diabetes Mellitus, Rheumatoid and Immune Disorders, Respiratory Disorders, etc.

With nearly 20 years of experience in clinical expertise, our medical master Dr. Liu has devoted herself in a few renowned AAA general hospitals in China. The abundant clinical experience enables her skillfully deal with various conditions, such as general medicine, rheumatology and respiratory diseases. Dr. Liu has strong clinical and research ability and has successfully dealt with dozens of severe conditions, including acute diabetic complications, digitalis toxicity, acute heart failure, acute onset of asthma and allergic shock, etc.
Utilizing world-advanced gene therapy and cellular therapy (stem cell and cytokine-induced killer cell), as well as traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Liu is dedicated to help patients get rid of the pain caused by the diseases with her abundant clinical experience and the state-of-the-art medical techniques in ReLife International Medical Center.

Dr. Zhang

DrZhang picLanguage: Mandarin, English
Department: Gynecology, Reproductive Health Center
Expertise: specializes in reproductive research, infertility treatment and regulation of endocrinology system; 20 years’ clinical experiences in gynecology.

Education and Training

  • Medical Master, Gynecology, Shanxi Medical University, Shanxi Province, China, 1998.02 – 1999.12
  •  Medical Bachelor, Clinical Medicine, Shanxi Medical University, Shanxi Province, China, 1988 – 1993
  •  Training on reproductive endocrinology and prenatal diagnosis, Gynecology Dept of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, China, 2013.04 – 2013.10
  •  Training on reproductive endocrinology and assisted reproductive technology, Peking University Health Science Center, Beijing, China, 2008.02; 2011.05
  •  Training on hysteroscopy technology, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Beijing, China, 2006.10 – 2007.01

She has worked as:

  •  Chief Gynecologist, Gynecology Dept, Victoria Reproductive Health Hospital, Beijing, China, 2008.11 – 2012.12. Major responsibilities: Diagnosis and treatment for infertility and minimally invasive technology
  • Physician, Hysteroscopy Dept, Beijing Xinxing Hospital, Beijing, China, 2004.03 – 2008.11. Major responsibilities: Diagnosis and treatment for infertility via hysteroscopy
  •  Physician, Reproductive Medicine Dept, Provincial Reproductive Health Service Center, Shanxi, China, 1998.12 – 2004.03
  •  Gynecologist, Gynecology Dept, Taiyuan Commercial Worker’s Hospital, Shanxi, China, 1993.09 – 1998.12

Dr.  Yao

Dr.Yao Comestic SurgeryLanguage: Mandarin, English
Department: Plastic Surgery
Expertise: specializes in breast cosmetic, facial cosmetic and other male as well as female cosmetic procedures.

Graduated in 1986, Dr. Naijun Yao has been participated in plastic surgery treatment for 27 years. He has ever been trained in Canada and Seoul, Korea on the plastic surgery. Followed the renowned plastic surgery specialists Professor Damei Wang and Professor Zhaoji Xia, Dr. Yao is skilled at various plastic surgery treatments, especially for facial plastic surgery, body plastic surgery and breast plastic surgery. He has performed over 20,000 cases of plastic surgery.

He has received:

  • Certification of attending plastic surgery training program, 2010.12.04
  • Certificate of Attendance, the Shimmian Rhinoplasty Course, Seoul, Korea, 2010.12.03
  • Certificate of Completion, the BK DONGYANG Korea-China aesthetic surgery symposium, Seoul, Korea, 2010.12.01
  • Certificate of Completion, the Regen Medical Group Korea-China aesthetic surgery symposium, Seoul, Korea, 2010.11.30
  • Kangnam Samsung Plastic Surgery Certificate of Completion, 2010.11.29

Chief Scientist


Language: Mandarin, English
Department:Director of Gene & Cell Lab
Chief Scientist of ReLife International Medical Center
Researcher, Academy of Military Medical Science, Chinese People’s Liberation Army – PLA

Dr. Wu has focused on stem cell research, immunological cell research as well as clinical research for decades. He developed cell culture kits for cytokine-induced killer (CIK) cells, dendritic cells (DCs) and natural killer (NK) cells.

He took charge of the Chinese national support 863 projects “Pre-clinical Study on Bio-therapy of Malignant Tumor with Human Wild-Type p-53, GM-CSF and B7-1 Genes Mediated by Recombinant Adenovirus Vector” (2001AA217041) and “Gene Therapy with Human Hepatocyte Growth Factor for Treating Ischemic Vascular Disease and Pathological Scar (2001AA217061, 2003AA216081).

The “Recombinant Adenovirus – Hepatocyte Growth Factor Injectors” and “Recombinant Plasmid – Hepatocyte Growth Factor Injectors” he developed were respectively approved by China Food and Drug Administration with Type I new drug clinical approval of biological product in 2005 and 2007 (Approval No. 2005L01181, 2007L01482). The “Recombinant Adenovirus – Hepatocyte Growth Factor Injectors” received stage II drug clinical trial approval (Approval No. 2009L01499).

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