Good News Travels Fast: after 2 Month, This Girl with Cerebral Palsy is Able to Stand by Herself

The moment we received this video from little M’s mother, Algeria, it touches everyone’s heart, some of us even burst into tears. Our beloved angel now could stand up by herself, with the same amiable smile on her face. Thank god; you let us believe again that miracle does happen.


Against the god’s will, this four-year old was born with cerebral palsy and unable to neither walk nor speak. Born in a family of four, little M is surrounded by lots of love from her family, especially from her younger sister; we call her Naughty-Naughty. This two-year-old Naughty-Naughty always protects her sister and shows her serious face to anyone who is near by her sister side. She hugs and kisses little M when she finishes acupuncture session to ease the pain, her gentleness would melt the world down. I guess that is why little M is smiling all the time, because she never felt herself as misfortunate, instead, she knows her sister is her guardian angel.


Miss M’s parents never give up on searching medical treatment for her daughter, they believe their daughter could one day play and dance like every princess does. They have gone to every local famous hospital in Algeria but none of the treatment brings her positive results. Recommended by a close relative working in China, little M’s parents decides to come to faraway ReLife China to take this last chance of traditional Chinese Medicine and hope for the best.


ReLife’s doctors and staff seek every possible way to help this lovely girl. We regard her as our own child and give her the best care possible. Before their arrival, a personalized Traditional Chinese Medicine plan has already been established. Since her mental and physical development is behind children with the same age, ReLife’s doctors have added some extra training elements to strengthen her body coordination, like the Yoga ball exercise.


Moxibustion and acupuncture is a necessary therapy for children with cerebral palsy. A burning cigar-shaped moxa stick, usually made of the herbs mugwort or wormwood, is held near acupuncture points to stimulate them with heat and improve the flow of qi. As Little M is too young for needling, acupuncturist chooses to apply “flying needle” therapy on her which works the same effect as acupuncture but bring almost no feeling on patient’s skin surface.

We are glad to see all of our effect pays off, only within two months’time,  our little girl can stand up by herself, which sounds like a miracle to everyone. Her mother said excitedly: “thank you ReLife, for giving my daughter a second life.”