The Importance of Body Massage during Pregnancy

images (5)Body massage is quite useful especially during the pregnancy. Regular body massage reduces stress, promotes body relaxation and maintains hormonal level in body.

During the pregnancy, there are hormonal changes which play an important role in the emotions of women. Calm and reassure massage should be given to pregnant women in order to maximize blood flow, relaxing the body and give women body a chance to be nurtured. Regular massage plays an important role in body relaxing throughout the pregnancy especially during the final trimester. The massage is quite effective for hypertensive patients and those who are suffering from insomnia.

A large number of different kinds of massages have been introduced by TCM such as Shiatsu, Jin Shin, and Tui Na. However all these different kinds of massage have the same following aims in…:

  • relaxing the uterus
  • maintaining a normal hormonal level
  •  maximizing the blood flow to the uterus
  •  aiding the digestion
  •  body relaxation
  •  reducing headache and pain
  •  overcoming anxiety
  •  reducing pain., unpleasant incidences such as nausea, vomiting, backache, hemorrhoids, heartburn and tiredness.

During labor, gentle massage can help out in the complications of contractions and backache. Body massage can also help in the expulsion of placenta, encouragement of lactation. As the massage helps in the regulation of body’s fluid circulation, so it is quite important to those women with edema. Massage helps in the in Qi circulation and blood movement, keeping the women’s skin moist and supple allowing it to stretch easily. As a result, massage to genital organs and peritoneum is from the 37th week of pregnancy till delivery can be helpful in avoiding episiotomy.

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