Infertility Acupuncture Therapies in Sydney


Pre-conception treatment helps to improve the fertility of both partners by addressing any underlying imbalances in the body that may be affecting their health and ability to conceive. The constitutional health of the yet to be conceived child is dependent on the health status of the mother and farther at point of conception. This means by increasing the overall health of “mum and dad” prior to conception not only will they feel great, but they have laid the foundation for a normal, healthy, stress free conception and pregnancy.

It takes 116 days for sperm to fully mature, the ova (egg) is susceptible to damage 100 days before ovulation. Pre conception treatments involve a weekly acupuncture treatment, herbal and nutrition support plus dietary changes to ensure that the body has the nutrients and blood flow needed for good health and development of egg and sperm. Due to development time of egg and sperm allow at least 3 months of pre conception treatment before trying for conception this will ensure that the body produces the best egg and sperm possible.

Acupuncture also place a specific role in reducing stress for both partners, stress is shown to releases adrenaline and stimulates the pituitary to emit higher levels of the hormone prolactin. These hormones in particular adrenaline stimulate the sympathetic nervous system or the fight and flight mechanism, which diverts blood away from the uterus and ovaries into our muscles and cardiovascular system. This change in hormones can impact ovulation and impair our fertility.


Acupuncture and Chinese herbal pre-conception treatments can regulate the hormones in the body, improve the health of the ovaries, ova and the uterus, regulate ovulation, increase the receptivity and thickness of the endometrial lining, enhance the quality and quantity of fertile mucus, reduce sperm antibodies and hostile mucus, clear the Fallopian tubes and improve tubal function, address underlying blockages to fertility such as endometriosis, poly-cystic ovaries, fibroids.


Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can increase morphology, motility increasing overall quality of sperm. As well as increase overall energy levels, enhance libido, calming anxiety and improve general health.


Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to evaluate how the body is functioning as a whole. It is important when trying to conceive that all the organs, nerves and meridians associated with the reproductive organs are balanced and communicating. This is important for both the male and the female. Many of the Health Space Team practice an advanced technique called TBM (Total Body Modification) which has a specific protocol for ensuring the body is balanced for fertility. In particular three main points in the body – pituitary, sex 1 and sex 2 hormonal points must be balanced to give you the best chance of conceiving easily and naturally. Kinesiology combined with acupuncture and dietary advice is very successful. These techniques can also be used to boost your chances if going down the IVF pathway.


There is research and case studies mounting as to the benefit of receiving wellness chiropractic care for the detection and correction of vertebral subluxations contributing to marked improvement in autonomic and motor system function as demonstrated on sEMG and thermography scans. Further studies are continuing to document the relationship between infertility, autonomic nervous system function, and the response to wellness chiropractic care, including subsequent fertility.

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