Let’s dance and sing for Rwanda

We are glad to receive an Invitation Letter from one Rwandan patient, inviting ReLife to participate in their 45th anniversary celebration. We cherish the valuable chance and all dress up for this great festival.


How spectacular the festival scene is! The hall is full of people for the celebration. And we are surrounded by the strong festival atmosphere, bustling with music, dancing and excitement. I am also attracted by the delicious local self-help food. The highest point of the activity is the long speech given by Rwandan Foreign Minister, who is the first time coming to Beijing. The audience punctuates her speech by outbursts of applause. The Rwandan Foreign Minister is so friendly and dynamic a lady, she dances together with many people on the stage. The hall is circumfused with a cordial and friendly atmosphere.

We run into several ReLife patients at the hall by chance, who come from different countries. What a small world! Then, we chat happily with each other. Seeing they are so healthy now and we feel our work in ReLife is worthwhile.

Let’s dance and sing for Rwanda. May Rwandan people get richer and richer and gain more and more happiness.