Moxibustion Treatment on Male Infertility

Male infertility has caused a great trouble for many couples and deprived their chances to be parents. Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM has been proved to be effective for many infertility patients and moxibustion is one of main methods applied in infertility treatment.
ReLife International Medical Center houses a strong TCM specialist team with abundant clinical experiences in male infertility treatments. TCM specialist, Dr. Cher shares some brief details of moxibustion treatment for male infertility.

Applicable people

Moxibustion treatment is suitable for male regardless ages that usually experiences low sexual desire, impotence, less semen, thin semen or no sperm ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Physical symptoms may also included sensitive to cold or cold extremities, pale face, poor mental status, drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, weak waist and abundant clear colored urine.

Acupoints of Moxibustion

As moxibustion applies on acupoints, the following four points are selected.
Shenshu: located at bilateral sides of the back, about 5cm away from the posterior median line, below the second lumbar spinous process;

Mingmen: located at the second lumbar spinous process depression of the posterior median line of the lower back;







Shenque: located at the navel depression of the anterior median line of the abdomen.






Zusanli: located at about a horizontal finger next to the leading edge of the tibia, 10cm below the Dubi, anterolateral side of the lower legs.



Moxibustion: Use moxa stick to cauterize mildly, 15 minutes on each acupoint, once a day, 10 times as a course. This long-term and continuous therapy requires patience.

Notes during Treatments

1. Maintain an adequate amount of sleep; avoid excessive physical activity; sex is forbidden during moxibustion treatment course.
2. Keep a healthy diet; ensure sufficient intake of meat and eggs. Do not eat hot, sour, spicy or fried food.
3. Application of acupuncture and herbal treatment simultaneously will make moxibustion treatment more effective.
4. Pay attention to personal hygiene; avoid urinary tract infections.