“Nobel Candidate Program” to Kick Start in China

hgjkJanuary 24th, 2014-Upon the approaching of the first 2014 Beijing Nobel Prize Laureates Summit (NPLS), the NPLS committee has launch the Nobel Candidate Program in China. This program is to promote educational quality of left-behind children in suburban area, said the executive general secretary of NPLS committee, Wen Zhen Tong.

The program has include offering scholarship for financial needed students, exchanging learning with the Nobel laureates, organizing visit to Nobel laureates laboratory, donating published books and CD of “Road to Nobel” and organizing global teen summer camp.

The Nobel Candidate Program is sponsored by the donations from individuals and enterprises in the organizing of NPLS, the Nobel laureates and income raised from the arts selling auction during the NPLS. The Nobel Prize Laureates Summit will be held in Beijing on March 23rd and 24th. Five Nobel laureates will be present. In addition, attendance will include one academian from National Academy of Science (NASS) and three academians from Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).