Nobel Prize Laureates Summit to be Launched by “ReLife”


January 24th, 2014- Upon the approaching of the first 2014 Nobel Prize Laureates Summit, an exchange conference has been held in Beijing. In the NPLS event, expected attendances have included five Nobel laureates, a member from National Academy of Sciences USA, three members form Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) to deliver speeches on the NPLS event. This major event is unprecedented in China and rarely seen throughout global. The NPLS will be held in Beijing from 23rd March, 2014 and 24th March, 2014 by ReLife International Medical Center.


Such magnificent event not only considered as a platform for the exchange of knowledge in advanced medical field, but also blooming the multilateral collaboration as well. The question and answer section on the NPLS has provide an opportunity to promote interaction between the Nobel experts and the public. During the NPLS, media reporting will cover millions of audiences, thus promoting general knowledge of advanced medic among the public.


During the NPLS, well-known world class traditional Chinese painting an%e5%bc%80%e5%8d%b7%e8%80%83d calligraphy masters will be invited for brush-painting and character-composing. These artistic creations will be purchased by healthcare enterprises and presented to the Nobel laureates as a gift. The profit will be given to China Next Generation Education Foundation (CNGEF), which will later be donated to the students who need financial aids. These donations are believed to encourage their studies and hopefully will be awarded with Nobel for their prospective contributions. Not only will the Nobel laureates in the NPLS event have a profound exchange with China’s advanced medical experts, but also to be impressed by the prolonged Chinese cultural essence, which they will share with their friends and family. Such phenomenon will allow the world to get to know the real China and its prolonged culture better.