Patient Name: Mr. Xu


Patient Name: Mr. Xu

Gender: Male

Age: 55

Nationality: China



ReLife once treated a patient who had azoospermia. Mr.X is a successful businessman. He is a billionaire and has two daughters with his ex-wife. It appears that he is the kind of man who get his peers quite jealous. However, he got his regrets. As he getting older and his business thriving, the biggest regret for him was that he didn’t have a son. He always wanted a son to be able to take over his business and carry on his legacy. And also because of the deep-rooted traditional concept, that the most sinful deed for a man is not having a male heir to carry on his family line. Because of long-term tense relationship with his wife, they divorced each other. Then he remarried and got himself a trophy wife, who is 25 years younger than him. However after being married for two years, his wife couldn’t conceive a baby, then they decided to go to see a doctor. After performing some examinations on both of them, doctor found that he was the one who had the problem. He was diagnosed as azoospermia, and his doctor presume the cause of his problem may be linked to his over-stressed work.


Medical Condition after treatment:


Then he turned to ReLife for help, we treated him with our methods. 9 months after his discharge, he got his wife pregnant, then ten months later, his wife gave birth to a beautiful and healthy boy as he wished. His dream has come true.