Patient Name: Qiaomei Shao

Patient Name: Qiaomei Shao

Gender: Female

Age: 46

Nationality: China

Admission Date: 2nd December 2014

Discharge Date: 17th December 2014

 Admission diagnosis: psoriasis


Treatment: Stem Cell treatment, combined with TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).



Our patient Qiaomei Shao was discharged on 17th December with all our best wishes. She comes from China. She has two lovely daughters and a loving husband. Unfortunately, she has been suffering from psoriasis for over 30 years. During this time, she had tried both Chinese medicine and western medicine, but with no improvement at all. On the contrary, her condition progressed. One year ago, when she turned to ReLife for the first session, her lower and upper limbs were covered with scurf, and accompanied with skin lesion. After her first session, scurf and skin lesion improved remarkably. This year, she came to ReLife for the second session.


Stem Cell Therapy for 15 days

After admission, we treated her with stem cell therapy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and supportive therapy.


Medical Condition after Stem Cell Therapy

After receiving stem cell treatment and TCM for two sessions at ReLife, Qiaomei Shao improved significantly. Before she came to us, her skin was extremely dry during winter, she had to use a lot of body lotion to release dryness and itchiness every day. And her psoriasis was so serious that when she got up from her bed, there was dead cell flakes on her sheet in the morning. Now she almost has none of this. Her areas of skin lesions have been reduced remarkably, her overall condition got better, and she feels happier and is more confident than before.


Shao and her family are highly satisfied with the treatment. We are also happy for her improvement. Hope she can fully recover soon.