Patient Name:Nina

Patient Name: Nina

Gender: female

Age: 33

Nationality: Croatia

Date of admission: 14 Oct., 2014

Date of discharge: 7 Nov., 2014


Admission diagnosis:

  1. Multiple Sclerosis
  2. Urinary infection


Treatment: Stem Cell Treatment, combine with TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).


Admission status before Stem Cell Treatment:

Nina is a lively and cheerful girl, who comes from Croatia. She has a big and warm smile like sunshine. Unfortunately, she started to suffer from various diseases from 16 years old, and was diagnosed as multiple sclerosis when she was just 22 years old. Due to the multiple sclerosis, she has almost lost her eyesight; she has lost her consciousness two times. Both her legs and left arm are completely powerless and immobile and her right arm is too weakness to grip a pen to write. She has contractures on both shoulders and right hip and cannot control her urination and defecation. She was diagnosed as Hodgkin’s lymphoma in March 2008 which was located in the mediastinum. She had been seeking the doctor around, but there were not any improvement in her symptom.


In past 5,5years she hasn’t been on any kind of medical therapy. The condition is stable. Her weight lost in the past years, neurological status is conscious, communicative freely, no difficulty of swallow, no chock, good appetite, good sleep, can not control urine and defecation.


Stem Cell Therapy for 3 weeks

After admission, Stem Cell Therapy was given combined with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM such as acupuncture, cupping, massage and herbal medicine). Patient’s condition has improved, the course of treatment has completed at 7 Nov. 2014.

Medical Condition after Stem Cell Therapy

After 21 days’ hospitalization, she was satisfied with the treatment. The flexibility and muscle strength of limbs have improved, through the practice of wrist developer and ball turning. The superficial sensibility of lower limbs is increased. The knees can separate slightly with consciousness. The stiffness of the lower limbs relieved but still has deformation of hip, knees and plantar.


Physical Examination: general status, heart, lung and abdomen normal. Both lower limbs swollen(-), the flexibility of shoulder joint and wrist is normal, the upper limbs muscle strength is grade V-, grip strength is grade V-, have writing difficulty. Normal muscle tension, tendon reflex active, both lower legs, spasticity with higher muscle tension, tendon hyperreflexia, both feet drop deformation.


Though she has been suffering the torture for many years, however this strong girl always maintains a positive attitude. She said she never gave up and never lost confidence in herself. Accompanying by her mother and her boyfriend, she came to ReLife International Medical Center to receive related treatment. She says she feels very good When discharge. Her stiff muscles become more and more soft and relaxed; she can split her legs slightly. The most exciting thing is that she can grip a pan and write her name on a paper and it is the first time for her during this 5 years. We are really happy for her improvement. This also inspires all the staff of the ReLife International Medical Center. All effort is worth it, as long as our patients feel satisfied.