Patient Name:Valentina


Patient Name: Valentina

Gender: Female

Age: 40

Nationality: Macedonia

Days Admitted to Hospital: 18days

Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Supportive Treatment.


  1. Secondary optic atrophy
  2. Systemic lupus erythematosus



Our patients Valentina, who comes from Macedonia, she has been suffering from lupus erythematosus and optic atrophy for 15 years. During this time, she just can look at this colorful world by using her quite faint and narrow line of sight. Long-term medication taking has brought her serious side effects- depression, quite nerve feeble and intense mood swing. In order to improve her life quality, her husband took her to the ReLife International Medical Center to receive stem cell and traditional Chinese medicine therapy.


Medical Condition before Stem Cell Treatment

The patient was admitted because she had been suffering from blurred vision for 15 years. The patient was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus when she was in the 8th month of her pregnancy. The childbirth was ‘Sestio ces-area’, and after that sepsis developed. She was in a coma for 64 days and lost her eyesight 100%. After the medical treatment in the Hyperbolic Medicine Center, she can see partially, incomplete, and very vague, misty. Five years ago, the gradual deterioration of vision and blurred vision increased, she needed support to walk. The ophthalmological diagnosis is:’Atrophia nerve optic bill post sepsis’ – Optic nerve`s atrophy and ‘Central blindness’ – degeneration of macula and posterior pole. The neurological finding is: damaged cerebral tissue at eyesight centers. Physical condition: depressed, sleep: suffering from insomnia, diet: poor nutrition, urine and stool were normal. T: 36.5 ℃, P: 75 beats / min, R: 19 beats / min, BP: 110/80 mmHg, Weight 55 kg, BMI 20.7. Wet and dry rales were not auscultated within lungs area, heart rate 75 beats / min, rhythm of the heart qi , the valve auscultation area is not known  pathological murmurs, flat belly, abdomen soft, no tenderness, rebound tenderness. Liver and spleen, kidney area without percussion pain, normal bowel sounds, 4 times / min. Anogenital not checked. Normal physiological curvature of the spine, limbs with freedom of movement, each joint was normal, no lower extremity edema. Limb muscle strength and muscle tone were normal, normal bilateral tendon reflexes, bilateral Babinski


Stem Cell Treatment & TCM for Eighteen Days

After admission, IV injections prescribed with Xueshuantong to invigorate the circulation of blood and repair factors to nutrient therapy; Compound eyes anisodine temporal subcutaneous to promote blood circulation of ocular nerve, together with traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage therapy combined with decoction . The patient’s condition has improved, the course of treatment has completed, review eye sight, lymphocyte subsets, enzymes, immune seven other indicators.


Medical Condition after Stem Cell Treatment

When the patient discharge, her mental status is normal, spirit conscious, binocular vision are much clearer than before, field of view has expanded than before, without eye pain and other discomfort, no complaints of headache, sleep is better than before, but still maintain the drug, normal diet, urine and stool normal. Physical examination: general condition is normal, compared with the previous range of bilateral cheek erythema narrow, light color, normal head, heart and lung abdomen sign (-), the limbs move freely, each joint was normal, no lower extremity edema. Limb muscle strength and muscle tone normal, biceps brachii and triceps brachii muscle reflex normal. Bilateral knee and Achilles tendon reflexes were normal, negative bilateral Babinski. The patient feels very good. She said that it is the first time she can see the world so clear since she started to suffer from this disease.