Patient Name:Zhang Zi Xian


Patient Name: Zhang Zi Xian

Gender:           Male

Age: 43

Nationality: China

Treatment: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Message.

Diagnosis: Avascular Necrosis of Femur Head



Our patient Zhang Zi Xian is a 43- year-old man, coming from China. He had hormonal medication before. He got pain on his right groin at 2009. And he could not cross his legs. He went a local hospital and he had been diagnosed as ANFH (Avascular Necrosis of Femur Head). Though X-ray filter, it shows that he had ANFH on both sides and muscle atrophy on lower limps. His movement is more limited. He began the treatment at the local hospital in one year. But his condition was worsening. And he just can walk on crutches and always in bed. Before he came to ReLife International Medical Center, his medical condition was terrible; he was unable to walk independently. Finally, companied by his family members, he came to the ReLife International Medical Center to receive traditional Chinese medicine therapy.


Medical Condition before Chinese medicine Treatment

Before the treatment, Zhang Zi Xian’s condition was terrible, both legs were weakness, and he could not walk and always lie in bed. He was unable to walk independently and needed walking crutches to help; after taking the medicine for ANFH, receiving the message, as well as related rehabilitation training, the patient’s condition has improved.


TCM Therapy

After admission, several medical protocols were applied, including: Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese massage, and Chinese herbal soup) and Supportive Treatment.


Medical Condition after Stem Cell Treatment

The patient could walk with sticks without walking crutches and the hip joint clearance was improved 5 months later. He could walk without sticks at March, 2014. On May, 2014, he could walk 2-3 kilometers by himself. And now, he is completely recovered.