Patient Name:Zoran


Patient Name: Zoran

Gender:           Male

Age: 48

Nationality: Bosnia

Days Admitted to Hospital: 21 days

Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Supportive Treatment.


  1. Motor neuron disease: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis;
  2. Chronic cholecystitis;
  3. Benign prostatic hyperplasia.



Our patient Zoran used to be a basketball coach. He has a happy family, a beautiful wife and a lovely girl. However, unfortunately he was diagnosed as ALS In July, 2014. He has been suffering from limited mobility of upper and lower limbs for one year and his condition has been getting worse with weakness of both lower extremities for one month. He has turned to ReLife International Medical Center to to require hospitalization to receive Mesenchymal Stem Cells Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. From February, 2012, the patient started to feel pain on the waist part without any obvious cause, no radiating pain on the lower limbs. It did not affect normal daily life. After physical therapy at local hospital, his symptom had improved. After that, weakness on the right legs attacked occasionally, but it did not affect his normal activities. From October, 2013, the patient started to notice the weakness of his right foot, especially after a long walk. He felt like his right foot fell down. No other kind of pain and numbness. After examination in local hospital, it was considered that it caused by the patient’s prior problem of his lumbar vertebra. No special treatment was conducted. After two months, patient’s symptom had progressed, weakness on the right leg got worse when he was walking. It was difficult to lift his leg. In March, 2014, weakness appeared on the right arm. Weakness showed on the left arm after 2 months. He can lift his arms at that time, but it started to become difficult to write. Muscle tremors started to appear obviously on his shoulders, deltoid and upper arms. In July, 2014, the patient noticed the weakness showed on his left leg, walking became more difficult. The result of examination in Banja Luka showed that lumbar disc herniation on the L2-L3 with retrogression; cervical disc extrusion on C5-C6; head CT was normally; EMNG showed that there was a chronic neurogenic damage in muscle of his feet and hands. Motor Neuron Disease was considered. Riluzole 50mg was recommended, two times a day with Vitamin B and Muscle Relaxants combined with physical therapy. However his condition was still progressing. The weakness on the left leg and arm was aggravating. The patient started to need a walker to walk from November, 2014. He can walk for 15 minutes. Since his first complaint, the patient was conscious, without difficulty in speaking and communication; he can walk for short distance with the assistant of a walker, but slowly. It is difficult to walk up and down stairs. Both upper limbs’ movements are fair but powerlessly. It is hard for him to do some fine movement by his hands. Muscle tremors appeared occasionally on the upper arms, but less than before. No dysarthria and dysphagia. His sleep and appetite is normal, urine is normal; no obvious weight loss since the onset of his illness.


Medical Condition before Stem Cell Treatment

The patient grew normally; he was positive position, consciousness, clear pronunciation; cooperate with doctors while doing physical examination. No Huang Ran appeared in the skin mucous membrane of his whole body. There was a round-shaped papule (diameter: 1cm) in the middle inside of right upper arm, light red, without swelling and seepage. No oral cyanosis. No fasciculation when extending tongue which was located in the middle. No soft neck. Trachea was in the middle, thoracic was symmetrical. No dry and wet rales were heard in both lungs; heart rate 66 T / min, heart rate even, no noise was heard in each valve auscultation area. Abdomen was soft and liver and spleen untouched; Murphy sign: negative; No renal percussive pain, without shifting dullness. Bowel sounds normal with 4 T/min. Anogenital part was not checked. His spine has natural curves. The movement of bilateral shoulders and elbow joint was normal, while the movement of bilateral lower limbs was limited. Muscular dystrophy showed on bilateral scapulas. The muscle on Thenar and hypothenar atrophied obviously. The muscle strength of cervical part gradedⅤ; Muscle strength of left upper arms graded Ⅳ and that of right upper arms graded Ⅳ-. Experiment of grip force: left hand 20.7kg, right hand 21.8kg. The muscle tension was normal. Muscle strength of left lower limb graded Ⅳ- and that of right lower limb graded Ⅲ+ with hypermyotonia. Tendon reflex of bilateral upper limbs existed; patellar tendon reflex of bilateral lower limbs was active; Achilles tendon reflex was normal. Bilateral Babinski: positive. Bilateral Hoffmann: positive. Bilateral palm jaw reflex was negative; No acroparesthesia was found in extremities. The deep sensibility of extremities was normal as well as position sense.

Stem Cell Treatment & TCM for Twenty-One Days

After admission, several medical protocols were applied, including: MSC (Mesenchymal Stem Cell) Therapy combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, Chinese massage, Chinese herbal soup) and Supportive Treatment.


Medical Condition after Stem Cell Treatment

The patient is alert, normal spirit; sleep is good, fluent speaking. Appetite is Normal. Urination and bowel movement are regular and normal. No dysarthria and dysphagia. The patient feels more flexible on right thumb and forefinger than before; the thenar and hypothenar muscles on both hands become fuller, especially on the left hand. The frequency of fasciculation on the upper arms has decreased. He has more flexibility on both lower limbs. Muscular strength and endurance has increased than before; he can walk for 200 meters holding the walker but doesn’t rely on the walker; he can life his legs higher than before. His upper arms can do extension movement front and back alternately; he can finish standing and kneeling movement in situ by the help of assistance. Physical Examination: general state; normal heart, lung and abdomen condition. The muscle strength on the left arm gradesⅣ, the muscle strength on the right arm grades Ⅳ-, the grip strength on both hands grades Ⅳ.Experiment of grip force: left hand 21.3kg, right hand 22.5kg. The muscle tension was normal. Muscle strength of lower limbs graded Ⅳ- with hypermyotonia. No acroparesthesia was found in extremities. The deep sensibility of extremities was normal as well as position sense.