Pictured Nobel Laureate Made a Special Trip to Relife International Medical Center.

img_1966-300x200March 18th, 2014. BEIJING, CHINA – Dr. Robert Merton, a Nobel laureate has visited ReLife International Medical Center. The visit of Dr. Robert Merton has further remarked the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine throughout global. During his visit, Dr. Merton has exchange profound perceptions on Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, Dr. Merton has experienced therapy massage, in which he has given positive feedbacks.

Upon Dr. Merton’s arrival, a unique formulated flower herbal tea has been served. The flower herbal tea is specially made for spring season in order to avoid flu and lung discomfort. Dr. Merton has complimented the tea as delicately refreshing and tasty.

A moment later, Dr. Merton has visited the hospitalization environment of ReLife International Medical Center. Dr. Cher Li, expert of Traditional Chinese Medicine has introduced several traditional methods applied, including acupuncture, moxibustion, scrapping tool, bamboo cuppings, fire cuppings and etc. Dr. Merton was astonished by the treatment of ReLife International Medical Center provided for hundreds of patients, including a tribal chief from UAE has successfully ceased from further medication after decades of diabetes course.

Taking interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Merton has tried the massage therapy given by Dr. Cher Li. During the massages, Dr. Cher Li has stated that Dr. Merton was constantly having neck and shoulder discomforts. Dr. Merton was amazed that Dr. Cher Li has accurately pointed out his condition without the needs of diagnostic imaging.

ReLife International Medical Center has given Dr. Merton an ox-horn comb as a souvenir. Ox-horn comb is a traditional healthcare tool in China; it is used to eliminate excessive heat within the body and refreshing one’s mind. Dr. Merton was impressed by Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. “I will definitely pay more visits to ReLife International Medical Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments if it is opened in United States.” said Dr. Merton.