Premature Ovarian Failure – New life to Infertile Young Women

According to the recent survey, approximately 1% of women develop premature ovarian insufficiency, commonly known as Premature Ovarian Failure – POF. Every month, a normal female body releases approximately 300,000 eggs, among them only one egg is fertilized with sperm. For in case if there is decrease in number of eggs due to any reason is known as POF. The main reason is irregular periods. This may be due to imbalance of hormones in the body, increase in level of FSH.

Most women with POF have following symptoms;

1. Poor diet.
2. Bloating and gas.
3. Night sweats.
4. Dark, pale urination.
5. Palpitations.
6. Giddiness.
7. Fatigue.
8. Low libido.
9. Edema.
10. Numbness of limbs.

Traditional Chinese medicine has done excellent achievement in order to reverse the premature ovarian failure and give patients a new way of life. Depending upon the conditions of patients, diagnosis may vary from patient to patient. Differential diagnoses in TCM are done to find out the pattern of disease. That is;

TCM Diagnosis

According to the Chinese Medicine, disease is caused through a developed pattern of disorders, so great attention is paid to the patient’s medical history, signs and symptoms. However laboratory tests may help in diagnosing the cause of POF.

Kidney and Liver Yin Deficiency

Symptoms and signs: Night sweats, insomnia, vaginal dryness, giddiness, night sweats, cracked lips and vaginal dryness.

Tongue: Dry, red, possible coat, may have horizontal cracks.
Pulse: Floating, weak in the left guan and qi side, rapid.

Kidney Yang Deficiency

Symptoms and signs: Fatigue, underdeveloped secondary female characteristics, aversion to cold, amenorrhea, cold extremities, pale tongue, decrease libido and infertility.

Tongue: Dry, tender and pale.
Pulse: Deep, slow at qi side.

Kidney Essence Deficiency

Symptoms and signs: Decrease libido, osteoporosis, alopecia, chronic knee pain, osteoporosis and infertility.

Pulse: Red, peeled.
Tongue: Floating, empty.


Tong style of acupuncture: Spleen 6/Sanyinjiao, Spleen 7/lougu, Spleen 9/Yinglingquan.
Chongmei: Stomach 30/Qi Chong, Ren 7/Yinjiao, Ren 4/Guanyuan, Ren24/Chengjiang.
Blood and Marrow replenishment: UB11/Dazhu, UB18/Ganshu, GB 39/Xuanzhong.

NOTE: Kindly note that the point above mentioned are for reference and may change depending upon the patient’s signs and symptoms.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is green, safe, affordable, having almost no side effects. The results are very accurate and rewarding as Chinese medicine is one of the prominent way for treating POF. A typical treatment is done by acupuncture, herbal therapy, massage (to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs), and modification of diet.