ReLife’s Rescue Action – Undertaking on the Airplane of EK309

On another ordinary dawn, when all things are not yet awaken, Dr. Zhang, Dr. He and I are heading to airport for this year’s medical exhibition in Dubai. This is our first travel to Middle East, excited but a bit unsure, as we don’t know what’s ahead of us.

storage_emulate01-26-09-53-207-300x300Emirates airplane travels steady and in peace. Suddenly there is a male passenger starts to sway his arm unconsciously, his left leg becomes stiff and hard,almost lost his consciousness. According to him, “I feel like dying.”

The Emirates crew is very concerned about him, however given their limited access to medical service, it is out of their reach to perform any rescue action except taking measures from ECG monitor and calling to the ground staff for help.

As soon as our two doctors hear of the incident, they arrive on the spot with no time. After short consultation of his medical history, Dr. Zhang diagnoses his case to be a highly suspected stroke, she immediately requires him to take pills to lower his blood pressure and put on oxygen supplies.storage_emulate01-26-09-53-20

Dr. He, our traditional Chinese medicine Doctor, performs acupoint massage on his head, finger, feet and leg to stimulate his blood circulation to unclog his blockage. In order to release this pressure, she borrows a brooch from the flight attendant and sanitizes it with vodka to puncture his finger tip. According to the man,” he feels much better now.”

Only after half an hour, his blood pressure and pulse begins to reduce dramatically and keeps in a stable level. Hstorage_emulate01-26-09-53-205_thumb.jpgis leg is no longer shaking and he starts to breath well. He is unable to speak many words, but this man kept saying, “thank you doc, without your help, I don’t know whether I’m going to make it…”.

Emirates Company is highly concerned about his condition, and decides to divert him to the nearest hospital which is in Karachi, Pakistan. When the emergency team boards to escort him, I remember to see his exceptional eye contact with Dr. He, firm and confident, like with an old caring friend.

I never feel this much proud working with these two doctors on this trip, to receive everyone’s compliments and applause. Doctors reply them with a smile, “as a doctor saving lives is a natural thing to do, regardless of religion, nation or location. It’s what we do.”

Well done, ReLife, again you ReLife another life.