Smart Contact Lenses will Help Monitor the Blood Glucose for Diabetics

隐形眼镜(1)Google has developed a kind of smart contact lenses which can help people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose condition, according to the British Daily Mail. Google said that the smart contact lenses being tested can detect the glucose levels in patient’s tears. When the wearer’s blood glucose level becomes abnormal, the integrating miniature LED lights in the device will send out a warning signal.

As we all know that patients suffering from diabetes need to monitor the blood glucose level constantly. However, the traditional blood test on the fingertips can be very troublesome and annoying, plus it is impossible to perform real-time monitor..

However, the smart contact lenses developed by Google company, can not only monitor the blood glucose level real-time in the body, help diabetes patients control the blood glucose level better but also have early warning function.

We hope that this technology will be able to be used by diabetes patients for universal clinical application eventually, said the smart contact lenses developers, Brian Otis and Babak Parviz.

Currently, they have tested the smart contact lenses using a micro chip and a wireless sensor to read the glycemic index of tears. Now the prototype of the smart contact lenses can read once every one second.

The smart contact lens technology is not yet mature, but the researchers have operated a number of clinical studies currently and improve the technology constantly. Google said it probably need at least five years when the smart contact lenses can be on the market.

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