Stem Cell Transplantation for Cerebral Palsy, Miss. Jin from China

Name: Miss. Jin
Age: 3.5 month
Gender: Female
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy
Approach: Stem cell transplantation, rehabilitation therapy and TCM

Conditions before Stem cell Transplantation for Cerebral Palsy

Miss. Jin was a 3.5 months old girl with cerebral palsy. Her mother was diagnosed with anemia when she was 8 months pregnant. Dextran was prescribed for her condition; however, anemia still existed during the birth. Miss. Jin was born via caesarean section due to the premature rupture of the amniotic fluid. She suffered from anemia too after her birth. CT scan showed cortical dysplasia in the frontal lobe. After birth, Jin was noticed to be easily disturbed by some noisy sounds.

Her brain functions and body movements did not develop well compared with children of the same age. She was not able to hold up her head steadily. Her development was slightly delayed in reaching child milestones, such as sitting and crawling. A few days prior to her admission, her mother noticed that Jin had adduction deformity in her thumbs; besides, the muscle tone of her lower limbs was slightly increased.

Approach and Procedure

1, Stem Cell Transplantation
2, TCM (Acupuncture and Chinese massage)
3, Rehabilitation Therapy

Conditions after Stem Cell Transplantation for Cerebral Palsy

When discharged, Miss Jin can sit alone and crawl. She also can stand by holding on objects. Her hands also developed functional, she was able to bring hands together, and finger to finger touch. She could reach for objects; her cognitive ability increased, she can recognize familiar objects and people at a distance. Moreover, she was able to imitate some sounds like, Daddy and Mummy etc. Her brain developed as like normal age child.

After the stem cell therapy, TCM and rehabilitation therapy for her cerebral palsy, Jin received evident improvements. She was able to sit by herself and crawl with her four limbs on the ground. She could also stand with her hand holding the chair. She could do the fine movement with two fingers to pinch things. What’s more, she was able to recognize her parents and pronounce “Ba” and “Ma” (the pronunciation of Dad and Mom in China).

Following up:

When she reached to 2 years old, she went back to our center for check-up, her medical report showed everything was normal. They took her to intelligence examination when she was 3 years old, she was more intelligent than the same age child.

Until now, she is normal child.Jin’s parents took her for follow-up when she was 2 years old. Her gait was noted to be normal as well as other movements.Jin underwent the Intelligence Evaluation when she was 3 years old, and the result revealed she was normal and even exceeded the normal level of children of the same age.