Stem Cell Transplantation for Type 2 Diabetes, Mrs. Peng from China

Patient’s Name: Mrs. Peng
Age: 78
Gender: Female
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Type 2 Diabetes
Approach: Stem Cell Transplantation

Condition before Stem Cell Transplantation for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Mrs. Peng is a female patient from China and she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 26 years ago. She had led a poor quality of life and was completely dependant on insulin injections to control her blood glucose level. However, her blood glucose level showed poor condition. Her first appearance indicated poor mental health and poor vision due to diabetes impairment. She could sleep for more than 20 hours daily. Mrs. Peng could even fall asleep even during a meal. Her fasting blood glucose was leveled at 7.5mmol/L.

Mrs. Peng has suffered from poor blood glucose control for a long time. With her diabetic ulcers on her feet, she had felt severe knife-like lacerating pain. Although she sought traditional Chinese medicine and temporary relieved her pain, but senile plaques developed on her limbs and face in time..

Approach and Procedure

Stem Cell Therapy and insulin injection

Condition after Stem Cell Transplantation for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

After four days since her first intravenous injection of stem cells (mesenchymal stem cell), Mrs. Peng felt no severe knife-like pain on her feet, she no longer relied on TCM for relieving her pain. Her appetite improved and fasting blood glucose leveled at a range of 6.1mmol/L – 6.8mmol/L. She was capable of controlling her blood glucose on her own and started to do some simple household choress. Two weeks later, the small senile plaques eventually disappeared, making her skin look much younger than before.