Stem Cell Transplantation for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Mr. Liu from China

Name: Mr. Liu
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, diabetic peripheral neuropathy and fatty liver
Therapy: Stem Cell Therapy, Enhanced Insulin Therapy and TCM

Conditions before Stem Cell Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Mr. Liu, a 41-year-old male from China, has suffered from type 2 diabetes for 2 years. He did not suffer from obvious diabetes symptoms except a little tired feeling. His father had diabetes too. He took oral medicine to control his blood sugar, including acarbose, gliquidone, avandia, metformin before; however, the control of blood sugar was still not unstable. So he began to seek for an effective medical solution in order to treat the disease.

Conditions before the treatment: weight-116kg; height-173cm; BMI-38.8

Beside diabetes, he also suffered from diabetic peripheral neuropathy and severe fatty liver.

Therapy and Procedure

  1. Stem Cell Therapy: 4 Intravenous Injections
  2. Enhanced Insulin Therapy: Insulin pump for 16 days
  3. Supportive Medications, such as TCM, medications for nourishing the blood vessels

Conditions after Stem Cell Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Half a month after stem cell therapy and enhanced insulin therapy with insulin pump, follow up with Mr. Liu showed positive results. He did the OGTT test before he left hospital. Comparing with the previous condition, the OGTT test result after was much better.

Treatment effects comparison:

Test Name       Before Therapy   After Therapy
FPG (mmol/L)       15.63          5.8
2hPPG (mmol/L)     23.26          7.4
MBG (mmol/L)         20.14             6.2
Weight (kg)         116           110
BMI             38.8                 36.8

The most significant result is that he totally stopped insulin injection, from the level of 33.5 units upon admission to 0 unit after discharge. Mr. Liu told us he felt not only physical but also psychological well after the therapy.

Disclaimer: Please note the results will differ due to each patient’s unique condition. Please submit your medical files to obtain a professional consultation with us.