Stem Cell Transplantation for Type 2 Diabetes, Mr. An from China

Name: Mr. An
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Nationality: China
Diagnosis: Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN), Arteriosclerosis (at early stage) and Fatty Liver (mild).
Therapy: Stem Cell Therapy, Enhanced Insulin Therapy and TCM

Conditions before Stem Cell Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes

Mr. An was a 31 years old man who worked as a lawyer at an international company. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes half a month ago. He was very frustrated when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at that age. He took Acarbose and herbal medicine to control blood sugar; however, his blood sugar was out of control. Then he applied insulin with 27units in totally per day. But his condition did not improve.
When admitted, his fasting blood sugar was 14.95mmol/L; 2 hours postprandial blood sugar was 28.32mmol/L; random blood sugar was 22.38mmol/L.

Conditions before treatment: height 163.5CM, weight 66KG, BMI: 30.1kg/m2.

Therapy and Procedure

1. Stem Cell Therapy
2. Enhanced Insulin Therapy: Insulin pump
3. TCM (Herbal medicine and Acupuncture)
4. Medications for repairing the blood vessels and nourishing the nerves

Conditions after Stem Cell Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes

After 15 days’ treatment with stem cell therapy, enhanced insulin therapy and TCM, his average blood glucose was significantly reduced.
He has stopped his insulin injection completely. His insulin reduced from 27units a day to 0 units a day, with well controlled blood glucose, as well as improved symptoms.

His fasting blood glucose was 5.3mmol/L; 2 hours postprandial blood sugar was 6.3mmol/L and random blood sugar was 5.9mmol/L. He also lost 3 kilos weight.

Treatment effects comparison:

Test Name                                                        Before Therapy                                                After Therapy

FPG (mmol/L)                                                            14.95                                                                       5.7
2h PG (mmol/L)                                                           28.32                                                                     5.6
MBG (mmol/L)                                                              22.38                                                                     5.6
Weight (kg)                                                                      66 6                                                                        4.5
BMI:                                                                                  24.6                                                                            24.1

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