Stem cells for New Organs Regeneration

Stem_Cell_picThe experts from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London planned to use stem cells extracted from human adipose tissue to cultivate human body organs for organ transplants. This technology has been published in the journal “Nanomedicine”. They regard the technology as a great breakthrough. The researchers hope this technology can be used in the therapy of many complicated diseases which need organ transplants.


The researchers said the main part of the technological project is to extract adipose tissue from the patients body and obtain their stem cells to be cultured in vitro. Simultaneously, add an ear-shaped bracket into these stem cells so that the stem cells can grow attached to the top of the bracket. Eventually it will form an organ shape similar to the ear.

Prof Martin Birchall, from the University of London, stressed that the technology still need the relevant safe tests before wide clinical application.

Using this technique cartilage also can be created for other tissues such as the nose, which can cause damages in adults after cancer surgery. In addition, using the same stating material, doctors could also generate human bones.

“Obviously, it is just at the beginning stage of this research, the next step will proceed to materials perfection and to futher develop this technology,” said Dr Ferretti.

“If you had something that was truly regenerative, that would be transformative.” said a surgeon of London University, who was involved in the first operations to give people lab-grown windpipes.

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