TCM, a gift to the world

On the 15th of October, ReLife International Medical Center is invited to participate the government initiated event – “Beijing Foreign Language Festival 2016”, aiming to deepen the understanding between local Beijinger and world and educate local citizens on their English level through all aspects including listening, reading, writing and speaking.


ReLife International Medical Center, representing the most sought-after foreign hospital, is invited to the medical forum “ Bilinggual TCM Lectures on Health, Bilingual Show on TCM Health Promotion ” in order to educate audiences how to live a healthy life in both English and Chinese.


The participants are mainly middle-aged and mature people. They are gathered with great interest, because the speaker from ReLife is a public face to them – Dr. Gong who appears on a famous doctor show in China. Dr. Gong’s specialty is to diagnose conditions by only taking the pulse from both hands of the patients. As you may know normally a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor diagnoses by only take pulse from one hand, followed by questions asked. While to Dr. Dong asking questions is totally unnecessary. He is able to tell your hidden problem from the next second touching your pulse.


The audiences are excited to see Dr. Gong and witness the miracle. As soon as Dr. Gong feels the pulse, he can tell what disease he suff
ers. How accurate it is! More and more people are attracted by this unreal diagnosis. They are all expecting to get Dr. Gong healthy advice.

Seeing so many people leaving with a big smile on the face, , as a member of ReLife I am satisfied Traditional Chinese Medicine has been existed for more than 3000 years, some of their mysteries cannot be explained, but its effectiveness to treat disease is not underestimated.