TCM Medicated Recipes to Help You to Cope with Diabetes

11263V361-1World Health Organization (WHO) states that drug only has 8 percent of effectiveness on diseases. A healthy diet in your lifestyle can play a role, of which 47%, on the management of diabetes. Therefore, we should follow a balanced diet in order to avoid diabetes.

Consuming natural medicated remedies into your diet not only creating a healthy eating habit but they are also effective and reliable as a treatment plan for diabetes. Medicated remedies can be easily purchased and selected from various sources. Plus, some medicated recipes may also be taken as snacks. Medicated recipes help control blood sugar level effectively, treat metabolic disorders, reduce many mild complications and they are nutritious as well. Besides improving your health quality, they also provide a boost of favors into your diet, making your dining experience more aromatic and delicious. For people with hypoglycemic condition, always remember that diet is the main key to your health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors at ReLife International Medical Center hereby share some TCM medicated recipes for diabetic patients as followings:

1. Bean and Pumpkin Soup

Prepare 250 grams of green beans and 500 grams of pumpkin. Cut up the pumpkin into cubes and cook them in boiling water. Pumpkin is the best choice for sweet tooth, it increases the cold-essence in our body and it is non-toxic, which will clear our body heat and dryness as well as to quench your thirst. High amount of pectin which is contained in Pumpkin can stimulate the secretion of insulin our body. Pumpkin is also rich in vitamins as it is high cellulose food. Beans are sweet and cold-natured, they containing a large number of essential micro nutrients. Not only beans cool our body’s heat, they also increase the discharge of water, salt and toxin from our body, thus controlling our sugar blood level, which is suitable for patients with hyperphagia and hyperorexia.

2 . Astragalus and Yam Fry

Prepare 30 grams of raw astragalus and 30 grams of yam. Use plain water to decoct the astragalus and yam. This particular recipe is suitable for diabetic patients with weak stomach and insufficient lung qi. Clinical studies have shown that this prescription has a good effect on relieving diabetic symptoms and lowering blood sugar level.

3. Yam and Barley Porridge

Prepare 60 grams of yam and 30 grams of barley. Boil them into porridge and they are ready to be served. Yam is sweet, tasteless and neutral. Not only it strengthens your spleen and stomach but it also nourishes your lung and kidney. Barley also known as coxi, it tastes sweet and slightly cold-natured. Both Chinese ancient medical treatises, “Compendium of Materia Medica” and “Herbal Supplements” have recorded that this recipe are very good to treat diabetes. This recipe can easily quench your thirst while giving you a satiety feeling which is suitable for various types of diabetes, especially for those with weak spleen and stomach, including those with hyperphagia and hyperorexia.

4. Chrysanthemum, Sophorae and Green Tea

Prepare 3 grams of each chrysanthemum, sophora flower and green tea. Add some boiled hot water and they are ready to be served as tea. This simple tea recipe is good for diabetic patients with hypertension as it clears the body’s internal heat and cools down blood circulation.