Tips for Medicated Diet



Medicated Diet, also known as “edible Chinese drug” is popular in China and practiced from ancient period as nursing prescription. Medicated diet is often consumed for either treatment or health-building purpose. Due to the rising living standard in modern society, the ingredients to the recipes can be obtained easily and at affordable prices as well. In nowadays, there are various and countless of medicated diet recipes. The ingredients of the recipes can be herbs, vegetable, meat, drinks or even beans. It is really easy to cook up a medicated recipe. The one of the greatest physician in ancient Greek, Hippocrates once said that, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” However, choosing the right recipe is the key to an appropriate medicated diet. The following contents are some useful tips that you should keep in mind on how to choose suitable medicated diet.
Know your health and physical condition. Although medicated diet is “edible Chinese drug”, not all medicated recipes are universal prescription. Get a brief diagnosis on your overall condition from a TCM doctor. Women need different recipe as well as men. In the ancient Chinese medication, certain medicated recipes are used for regulating menstruation of women while the some recipes are used for replenishing masculinity of men. Individuals with weak condition are not suitable to consume herbs with strong nourishment effect, like ginseng, cinnamon, astragalus, Chinese angelica and rhizome atractylodes.

Identify the cause to your discomfort first. Different medicated recipe will bring different result. Certain medicated recipe is prescribed for specific organ’s nourishment. If your disease is caused by kidney weakness, try medicated recipes with black bean, black sesame, wolfberry, Chinese Yam and etc. Certain medicated recipe will also cause deterioration to certain organ’s function. If you have a weak bladder, try to avoid medicated diet with green bean, cucumber, seafood, bitter gourd or any food that is classified as “coldness” in TCM.

Beware of the ingredient in your medicated diet. Never take any medicated recipe with ingredient that you are allergic to. Proper medicated recipes are usually made of fresh ingredient. Make sure you choose the fresh ingredients and clean them properly before consuming.

Mind that the cooking method for medicated recipe is important too. There are many kinds of way to prepare a medicated recipe. Soaking, decocting, boiling, frying are some of the common methods that used in preparing medicated diet. Using wrong cooking method may ruin the medicated recipe.

Never thought of when to consume medicated diet? Most people do not pay enough attention to the timing on when to consume medicated diet. Eating right food is a must while eating at a right time is a plus. Mind that some medicated recipes may require a specific time, period or season to consume. For example, white carrot with mutton soup is best served during winter for people with weak stomach. Ginger with green bean soup will cool the internal body heat, it is recommended to be served during summer.

Try to seek advice from your TCM doctor before deciding to take a medicated diet. Consult a doctor immediately if you experience any discomfort after your medicated diet.