Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer

pancreactic-cancer1Pancreatic cancer is one of the most common malignant tumor of digestive system in which often occurred on the pancreatic head. Abdominal pain and painless jaundice are the common symptoms of pancreatic cancer. The cause of pancreatic cancer has yet to be determined except for its relevance to the poor quality of human living environment.

Most people will concern for an advanced and effective therapy upon the development of pancreatic cancer into last stage. There are no typical symptoms of pancreatic cancer and it usually manifested by symptoms similar to other organ diseases, often lead to misdiagnosis in some cases. Over seventy percent of patients who were diagnosed pancreatic cancer had suffered distant metastasis. However, western medicine for pancreatic cancer remains poor effect.

In traditional Chinese medicine, pancreas is regarded as spleen plot. Pancreas jaundice and stomach pain are caused by weak spleen. Traditional Chinese Medicine practices early diagnosis and therapy in pancreatic cancer have been proven clinically, which reflected its advantage compares to western medical practice. In fact, the application of Chinese medicine therapy can further control the development of tumor, thus reducing patients’ pain.

In all cancers, pancreatic cancer survival rate is the lowest. According to the statistic from World Health Organization, even in Europe where better diagnosis and therapy are provided, 5-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is only 4%. British experts pointed out that the 1-year survival rate for all pancreatic cancer cases is less than 10%.

However, Chinese medicine therapy can significantly improve the survival rate of pancreatic cancer, said Professor Bingzhong Chen, the Chinese medicine cancer specialist, with more than 40 years of clinical experience in addressing cancer. Professor Chen shared the actual therapy effect of 82 pancreatic cancer cases with his peers [1]. He pointed out that the therapy effect of traditional Chinese medicine for pancreatic cancer is encouraging and the clinical application should be taken seriously.

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[1] Chen B.Z. 82 pancreatic cancer cases’ survival rate is over 2 years[N]. Takungpao, 2013.9.6