What’s the Healthy & Balanced Diet for Diabetes Patients?

healthy-diabetes-diet-300x208How to eat properly has been a major concern for many diabetes patients and families for a long time since they were attacked by type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Inappropriate diet habit may result fluctuation in blood sugar level, thus causing development in severe diabetic complications and malnutrition. If not eat properly, it is really hard to control the fluctuated blood sugar, which may further cause patients develop severe diabetic complications and malnutrition status. It is communally known that diabetes itself is not awful; however, diabetic complications do threaten people’s health, such as diabetic foot and diabetic nephropathy, etc.

How to prepare a balan
ced and healthy diet for diabetes
patient? Is it hard? In fact, it is as actually easier than many people have imagined. Here, ReLife would like to share some tips with you on how to prepare a healthy and balanced diet for diabetic patients.

  1. Have each dinner regularly, at the proper time, with proper amount recommended by your nutritionist, which is good for your doctor to adjust the insulin and/ medication dosage;
  2. Avoid overeating. It is better for both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes patients to divide the meal into 4-5 small meals, eat less food each time so that it will not over boost the blood sugar level after eating;
  3. If you do not have gastritis, you can choose mixed coarse and fine cereals as it can slow down the consumption of glucose in your blood after each meal; choose a variety of food selections to provide various nutrition.
  4. Eat 500-600g of vegetables each day as vegetables have less effect on your blood sugar. If your blood sugar is stable, have 100-200g of fruits each time, which can provide you with more nutrition to avoid the complication caused by malnutrition. Control the consumption of meat, fish, shrimp and other meat product food with abundant meat protein, and have an egg every day, especially for patients with diabetic nephropathy. Control the amount of cooking oil and edible salt especially for patients with hyperlipoidemia and hypertension as too much protein could increase the burden of your kidney.
  5. Have a proper amount of bean products each day to get plant-based protein. For patients with kidney problem, please consult the doctor and nutritionist for the intake of bean product.
  6. Drink an amount of 2000ml of water every day. For patients with edema, please control the amount of water under the instruction of your doctor and nutritionist.
  7. Have a proper amount of nuts every day.

There are many treatments for Diabetes. Proper and healthy diet can make the management of diabetes easier. However, as each patient’s condition is different. Please consult your doctor and nutritionist for an individualized diabetic diet. At ReLife International Medical Center, we provide a comprehensive treatment plan for each diabetes patients. Using stem cell therapy, gene therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, diet instruction and exercise guidance, we aim to help many families to cope with the troubles caused by diabetes. To know more about diabetes treatment, you can click on the Medical Evaluation Form to get an initial consultation from our specialist.